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Klinefelter - Body Building / Weight Loss

Hello I am new comer.

I have been working out successfully now for 2 years. I have a personal trainer / friend (she is a licensed trainer and became Miss America Fitness in 2007) so I am comfortable with her training. I workout with her 3 days per week. I do not do much more than just train with her.

I do have Klinefelter Syndrome and I am on shots now. Taking 2 shots per month of testosterone. Still even with that my levels are around 200 / 225.

I haven’t lost much weight. I went from 271 to 254 in 2 years! I have got much stronger though. I use to bench 100 and now 250. Use to curl 20s and now I can do 45/50. Use to do the fly machine at 80 pounds and now its 220. Leg press before 200 and now 600. I can see strengths in some areas but my weight is still the same.

I would just think I could lose more weight and gain much more muscle mass than I have.

Can anyone give me any suggestions on how to accomplish this task?

My set goal is to be at 190 by July. I am 251 now.

The picture is of me and my trainer. (Sorry, she is married hehe)

It’s likely your diet if you’ve gotten stronger. I hope you’re doing lifts for your back, too.

Looks like you’ve got a lot of reading to do in the nutrition archives.

You’re not going to be loosing weight while gaining much muscle mass simultaneously.

But I have to ask - is this for real? I suck at spotting troll jobs.

I have is too KS and feel like just maybe I can see some muscle growth now thst I’m on trt. I want to have A BODY Composition report done showing all areas of water, muscle, fat, etc. I think it will be good to see areas that I need to target for weight loss and or muscle gain. Anyone with before and after pics showing a KS patient against prior to and after try would be helpful. Ty fr sharing love this new site I found.

i have ks and i’m a bodybuilder or that what i keep telling myself , well after 8 years i gain some muscles and i got straight but i try so hard and i looks like as a new bodybuilder and when i took a picture of my body i feel desperate , i have a wide hips like all men with ks and i gain weight too , my normal friends starts bodybuilding last year and they looks great , i hate myself and my body i hate everything about me, i try everything hormones and shots but nothing makes me gain what i struggle to take , i just feel sorry about myself and i just want to die easy without pain because i have so much pain in my life until now.

I just joined because I saw a few posts by guys with klinefelters. I’m 32 1/2 and I found out when I was 31 that I am 47xxy.

I think I’ve reached a plateau. I started at 222 pounds, and brought my weight down to 185. I am now 197… And go to the gym every other day. Strength wise I’m not on a plateau. I’m benching and lifting heavier and heavier weights. I bench 190 lbs.

A few years ago I brought my weight down to 160 pounds. While I was proud that I manage to do so, I was not able to get rid of the belt of fat around my waist. And that seems to be the defining factor that keeps me from reaching the shape I want. No matter how much weight I lose that belt of fat always remains and I have yet to discover how to remove it.

In terms of diet, I lost most of my weight being in ketosis. I went from 222 down to 185 in 8 months. I drink the BPC in the morning and the only sweets I eat are 85% cacao Lindt chocolate.

Does anybody have any idea how to get rid of the belt of fat around my waist?

Hey what’s up guys I was browsing around and found these post very interesting to fine other guys like me with Klinefelter syndrome I’m out of Bakersfield California I was diagnosed in 2013 been on trt replacement therapy since 2013 love testosterone I’m actually on 200 mg a week I train 5 days a week Push Pull routine I’m at 280 lb just wanted to stop in and say keep up the good work proud of you guys, beast mode