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Kleinhound's Transformation2019



W1 Thursday

  1. Incline db press, 6 second eccentric 3x6 top set 30kgs
  2. Incline db press 50 total reps with 60% top weight
  3. Superset chins 4x13 W face pulls 4x15
  4. Db shrugs 4x12
  5. Superset 100 total curls W 100 total tricep pushdown
  6. Battle ropes



W1 Friday

  1. BB Bulgarian split squats 6sec ECC 3x5 top set at 75kg, followed by a max time iso hold at bodyweight
  2. Back extensions 4x10 W 10kg plate
  3. Cossack squats 2x8 deep stretch
  4. Cable anti rotation alphabet, 2 sets per side
  5. Sled, 5 efforts with 30-45sec breaks

Great week. No workouts missed. Mindset right every day



Last year I did mTor sets on these with bodyweight during my hip rehab. 5 sec eccentrics to failure and then an iso hold.


This is the secret to success. Well done


Having measurable goals in mind has helped a lot too. Each workout means something now. Every exercise, every set, every rep


Yeah that sounds gross haha


I would love to 1RM 140kg bulg ss (obviously not 6 sec eccentric)


You could probably do it. You’re squat us way stronger than mine and I was able to do 100kg last year.


Use an SSB if you can. Makes life easier.

My best is something around 110 kg for five


Man I wish I had one now :disappointed_relieved:

Once me and the missus get out place that’s my goal, to set up a basic home gym with some key pieces I want


Sled work and more bb conditioning today. Good times


W2 Monday

  1. Bench to a heavy 5 at 105kg then amrap at 90kg for 8
  2. Weighted dips w 15kg, 4sets 12/10/10/10
  3. Super 4x12 T bar row with 4 sets YWT, 60kg and 1.25kg plates respectively
  4. Superset cable lateral raise 4x12 w pinwheel curls 4x13
  5. Tabbata battle ropes


Quality. Good job


Tuesday lazy post. Smoked lol. Think 190x5 is a PR or pretty close


For those split squats at 50kg are you using a barbell or is that a 50kg dumbell in each hand.


Barbell my friend :grin:

My legs were toast after the squats, no way in hell was in using 50kg dbs hahaha


I am just impressed you can balance a barbel when doing these. Good job mate