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Kleinhound's Transformation2019



Check in pic from 31st bday and also comparison pic of start of challenge


Bottom pic is most recent


Man you guys are shredded af…


Good lighting a juice diets…or something


Deff looking leaner and legs looking strong as Fk as always mate. Well


Would my quad look like that if it was 8 inches shorter??? My muscles kind of taper off and insert in their appropriate locations. It looks like yours want to keep going but they’re forced to attach and the end result is a gigantic quad sweep.

Don’t worry, Hog. We’re headed to the opposite end of the spectrum from your training and goals. Well, actually, it’s just me. @kleinhound is both shredded and strong.


I would say surely. And you’d find it easier to squat as you don’t have to move as far :grin:


Not when is comes to pressing I’m not lol…but working on being less average. It’s nice to have a decent squat but eventually I’ll need to be less go and more bro


M1 w2
Deads 3x135, 155, 175kg like butter. Good set up and took my time to break the floor
Squats 5x10 with 85kg. Much easier this week
Ab wheel 5x10
Sled efforts 50:10 upright walking, low sprints for 7 minutes

Adjusting to high volume squatting. Weight was nothing this week and lungs were much much better. Sweaty and puffing but not light headed and drained like last week.


Cheers Hog. I’d love to get really lean across the abs some day, like close to stage ready, but I honestly can’t be fucked dieting that hard haha. I think for me the sweet spot for looks and performance is 10-12%
I’ve been bigger and stronger, and leaner and fitter, but I’m happiest here


You can always do heavy ab work to make them grow. They’ll stick out and you’ll have more of a six pack without having to cut more fat.


M1w2 bench
Bench 3x80, 90, 100kg
Press 5x10 W 30kg
Db rows 5x10 W 32.5kgs
Chins and dips X3
Scarecrows x50 total

Felt fatigued today. Was supposed to run this morning and press tomorrow but misses asked to run with me tomorrow instead and I agreed. Not necessarily a bad thing, was able to get all the reps, just had to work hard


Forgot to log w2 squats
Squats 3x 125, 140, 155kg
Deads 5x10 W 95kg
Hang leg raise 5x10


Been a little quiet lately, everything ok?


Hey legend yeah everything is actually great! Been doing lots of overtime at work and lots of family events lately so just not posting as often that’s all haha


Press 5x45, 3x55, 1x60kg
Bench 5x10 W 55kg
Chins 5x10
Curls, triceps and face pulls


W3 deads
Deadlift 5x145, 3x165, 1x185kg
Squats 5x10 85kg
Ab wheel 5x10
Sled 6 efforts


I have realised over the last week that I really don’t have any clear goals, and my training kind of feels that way as well. I think that’s why I went to BBB challenge as it looked appealing at the time.
So I thought long and hard last night and these are my goals
I want to box squat 240KG (triple bodyweight)
I want to bench 100kg for over ten reps
I want to run a sub 7 mile
I also want to have fun while training.

I’ll see this week out getting the job done
Then I’ll refocus. I’m excited by these goals
I’d like a heavy deadlift but I don’t really care about focusing on it. I always seem to get stronger in my dead when my squat goes up anyway


A long time ago I did the Mantathlon and benched 225 x 11. That’s the only goal of yours in which I’m even in the same ballpark as you.

Are you saying you’re getting bored with BBB?


Haha not specifically BBB, just in general