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Kleinhound's Transformation2019



I’m really enjoying the 300 rep warm ups.
While at the moment, my 1RMs are auffering I feel I get more benefit from them. Plus I know I’m hitting my weak points hard each session


Nutrition on point. Diavola and negroni. Anabolic as fuck


That looks amazing. That made me so hungry




Which version of WSSB are you following? The exercise order doesn’t seem familiar. Or, have you adapted WSSB just running off the main ME/Rep/DE exercises (ramp to 3-5RM, 3 sets to failure, 5-8 sets of 1-3 jumps)?


Yep pretty much of feel and needs at the moment mate.

My warm up each day is 4 sets of 25 reps, 3 exercises in giant set fashion focusing on weak points/groups needed for main lift

Then I hit either max effort lift, with a supplementary lift for upper or just a main lift for lower, 1-3 rep range. Then I hit what seems weak and usually in a superset to save time.
My assistance work is now picked for ME work to drive up the main lift, glutes, hams, abs, back, triceps delts. For rep day it’s more mirror muscle stuff, and for DE day I’m picking things to recover from


DE lower I’ll hit
My jumps, waving up in either heigh or total jumps over 3 weeks
But I add a second dynamic movement in harness sprints, between 5 to 10 efforts waving each week also.
Doesn’t take much to finish me off after that.
Each sprint lasts about 5 seconds but it’s really the first few steps that are the key. The hamstring recruitment is incredible, as is the effect on HR lol


So I always have a plan of what muscle groups I need to hit, but now my assistance just changes depending on my main lift. I used to work out ahead of time what to do, but really, I don’t think that was as effective as reflecting on my actual lift and responding. Eg my deadlift yesterday, I stopped at 190 because I knew that past that, it would be all low back and no more hamstring, so I then targeted hams, abs and quads pretty hard.
Instead of just doing 3 sets single leg, 3 sets low back, 3 sets abs.
I also started doing direct hamstring work on machines too. Something I’ve really neglected over the years. We’ll see how it pays off


Sounds like you are taking your training over. Can’t wait to see how this goes


Cheers for such a detailed response. I’ve been trying to do a similar thing with my assistance but it’s not as easy trying to follow the WSSB structure. For example with the single-leg stuff if it’s my glutes that suck I’ll do Reverse Lunges with a longer stance, but if it’s my quads I’ll do Bulgarians with an upright torso.

I feel that my delts are the weakest point on my bench right now, and I keep wanting to do a Dumbbell Press for my rep or supplemental move. Do you think that’s a particularly bad idea?


Where do you feel db press the most?


Little 4k run today

Maybe something disgusting on Saturday…who knows


I should clarify that when I say DB Press I mean DB Shoulder Press, so I feel that most on the front and side delts


Yeah man, burn those suckers out then. Don’t be afraid to rotate that either. Db press, seated, standing, db, barbell, hammer strength, Smith


Try 1.5 reps. Do a full rep, half way down, back up. That’s 1. Do a set that way and then try doing the extra half rep on the bottom. Half way up, down, all the way up, down. That’s one.

I also like using the 21s style rep scheme. Full reps/top half/bottom half. If you select the right weight then the final bottom half reps will basically be a bunch of failed reps where you can only get to the halfway point. Embrace the burn.


I also like alternating presses. Hold either at the top or bottom for different effect on the side that’s ‘resting’


Alternating DB press was the movement that taught me that my ROM could be better and I could use less weight. I went from using 80+ on seated DB OHP to 40s on alternating DB OHP.


Yesterday DE lower
Warm up: back extensions, squats, kb row 4x25
Jumps 12 at 36 inch
Sprints 8 hard intervals
Ran out of time. Here the beauty of the 300 rep warm up shines. I knew I could leave after the main work and have done ‘enough’

Me upper
Warm up: incline rows, Rd fly, db press 4x25
Max effort CG bench 3 sec descent. 120x1…well fuck… Very happy with that
Supp: jm press 3x10 w 50kg
Lat pulldown 1&1/2 reps 3x12
Kb rear delt cleans 3x8
Cable row D handles 3x15
Bank pull aparts
Pallof press x3 each side


I was looking for articles, podcasts and videos about this but couldn’t find anything. Where did you get the guide?