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Kleinhound's Transformation2019



Speak for yourself! I have more hair every year. :laughing:

Also, I’d like to think I’m in better shape than most 20 somethings but my body is fighting back these days.


I was going great, was discussing it amongst a bunch of my mates last year, most of them are receding badly or getting a bit of a bald patch and everyone said how good I was doing showing no signs of losing it. Fast forward a year and all of a sudden it’s thinning out on top!

I physically look much better than my 20 year old self, certainly not as fit though!


My grandfathers both lost their hair. My dad is 60 and he’s hanging in there but I can tell it’s thinning a bit.

I have a higher-than-I’d-like widow’s peak so I’ll be keeping an eye on that.


Im certainly stronger and more explosive than I’ve ever been, but just not quite as much aerobic endurance as when I played field hockey, or as coordinated in multiple planes as when I did gymnastics. But as you said, trying to at least keep some of it around


Yesterday was an easy 45 mins on the elliptical

Today: DE lower

Sled sprints 8 efforts, 70% bw on sled
Box jumps 36’ ten reps
Single leg KB RDLs 3x8
Cable pull through/cable wood chop superset x3

Much lower volume, I feel great at the end of it honestly. The single leg RDLs were bloody hard and hammered my glutes and hams with like 10kg kettle bells. I’ll definitely be keeping single leg ham/glute work in as that has long been neglected


Tried to channel @bigjez on the dips, was more friend that I thought from the foam press haha.

Good session. Lots of pulls and external rotation prior to starting


Extra carbs going to the right places so far this week


Looking solid man!


Did you train gymnastics whilst you were in school? It’s something I wish I did when I was younger, but also feel like it’s a bit too late to start


Yeah in my teens. I was a late start at 13 but I was state level by the time I was 17 and had I committed at 18 seriously I probably could have done okay at Nationals…as in not embarrassed myself. I always regretted not starting out as a little kid, by the time most guys are 18 they’ve got like 12 years experience, I was always athletic enough to pick things up, but the repetition of technique and the flexibility that most guys carry on from childhood was such hard work for me


This was my impression too. Last year I made friends with a junior international competitor, who had been training since 4 or 5, and the level of flexibility, athleticism and grace he possessed very much seemed to be something built up over years and years. I think at this point, even though I’m still not 18, the gap between me and most others is too wide to bridge, even for competition at the lowest levels.


You had obviously had all this experience in bodyweight and calisthentics that they come natural, but as ive transferred some of my training from barbell and dumbell only to bodyweight, i have a new found respect for those movements because they are bloody hard work :joy:


Just start man, most clubs are great and because it’s such a Fringe sport really, everyone gets behind each other. At the very least you’ll learn how to do flips which is cool as fuck


Very true


Body weight exercises are for those who are awesome at relative strength. I think the relative strength curve starts to drop after the 180ish pound mark.


I’ll agree with that.


Swam 650m today, harder than I thought but awesome fun
Had to keep stopping to catch my breath but I loved it. Looking forward to building this up


Played tennis for an hour and a bit today, nice incidental running and just plain fun


Me lower
Front squat new 1RM 150KG
Reverse lunges 3x8 @ 80kg
Rdl 3x12 @ 100kg
Back extensions and L sit holds to finish


Good day
More reps on db press
More on pulldowns I think
Heavier MDM which was fucked
All around a good time