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My fitbit seems to lose my HR when it’s above 130. I’ll be dying during a WOD and check my HR the old fashioned way (I count beats for six seconds and add a zero). I’m at 160 + bpm but I’ll look at my watch and it’s showing “–” instead of actual numbers. I’ll check the graph after the workout and it never goes above 130. Stupid.

How’s the Garmin do in those situations?


No problem measuring HR all the way to 90% and above
I haven’t had any issues with it at all yet


I got bought an Apple Watch by the wife there at Christmas, I’m liking it so far. My wife has a Garmin, we have walked together a few times and the stats aren’t that much difference, about 40 calories or so. All the other stats HR Distance etc are close also.


What is this sorcery? Is it actually accurate to a usable degree?


I, too, am curious about this. I found a website with the METs for weight lifting (I think it’s 4.5). I found another site that had a formula for determining energy expenditure based on weight, duration, and METs. The calculation actually matched my fitbit numbers for lifting weights. I was surprised but my watch seems to be as accurate as anything else out there.


I wear it 24 hours and also weigh myself pretty regularly so yeah my man. More accurate that guessing for sure

Tbh it makes sense too
I’ve always had trouble gaining weight even when I ate 3500 Cal’s per day based on all the eqautions I could find.
My average calorie consumption per day is about 3500 I have discovered. Makes sense why I struggle to push the scale


It also keeps learning and adjusting as you use it. It learns your true max hr etc and from there it gets more accurate


Me upper

Seated ohp new 1RM 80kg, finally a bodyweightish overhead
Rolling triceps 4 sets
Floor press 3 sets to failure
Chest supported row 4 sets + drop set
Face pulls with pause 3 sets
Pull aparts x100
Triceps pusdowns x100
Sled, rower, incline walk while the missus and a friend finished their class.
Nice big session


I believe, from reading about people using smart watches for CrossFit, that most products use a sliding average when reporting HR. Do you know if the Garmin does this or if it will pick up on say a 10s spike in HR?


Pretty sure from my readouts that the saved graphed data is in two minutes averages


As much as I hate wearing watches, this may be enough to persuade me.


The calorie expenditure may not be accurate but it’ll be consistent for your and your daily movements so you can still use it to make adjustments.

I consider it to be the same as my caloric intake. I could be measuring wrong and be way off on the amount of food I actually eat, but I’m consistent so I can still adjust up or down to achieve the desired results.


Distance run today, 6km for an okay pace. Definitely more explosive than endurance based, I couldn’t keep a 5min k pace, but I think 26:33 is a PR and I’m normally around 30ish minutes, so on the up and up.

And seeing as the challenge has started, I’ve decided to run WS4SB, as the jumps and sled work are much easier to recover from that the dynamic barbell stuff, and I get to feel more athletic.

I’ll be eating 3400 Cal’s per day roughly to support my training seeing as I’m busting my ass right now and I don’t want the wheels to fall off
All whole foods, home cooked, and under $100 per week which I’m stoked with.
About 380 carbs, 200 protein, and 111 fats.
I wasn’t even really trying to make the protein that high it’s just incidental. I’ll eat the same for two weeks and reassess the scale and the mirror


Week 3 ME lower

Box zercher squats, worked to heavy 3 @ 130kg
BB reverse lunges 3x8 with 80kg
Stiff leg dead 3x12 W 80kg
Leg raises/back extensions 3 sets
Tabata ropes to finish

Good session, nothing fancy
Took the time to stretch and warm up, needed. Hip flexors are a little tight


Thought, zerchers are soul stealers. Hard to breath, crush my arms, blast my qauds. I like it.


Rep upper

Low incline db bench 3x max reps W 30kg
Chins/YTW super set 4 rounds 12-15 reps/20 sec
Med delt massacre 3 rounds
Db shrugs/football bar curls 3 supersets
Conditioning: 30 pushups 20 mountain climbers 10 burpees 3 rounds no rest

Nice session.
Again, gave myself a good warm up, different face pulls and external rotations, chest stretches and shoulder ROM stuff


Good little 3km hitout
Most consistent run so far
Km1: 5:09
Km2: 4:26
Km3: 4:46

Also ran a current PR mile somewhere in the mix
But I can get that down if I just try to run one flat out on it’s own. Still, nice to hit that in a short distance run


This sounds right up my street.

I’m liking the look of your sessions at the minute, keep killing it dude.


Thanks man, trying to get back to my athlete roots and make 30 the new 20 haha


30 is the new 20 mate, just with less hair. We certainly ain’t past it yet!

I understand the desire to get your athleticism back. I no longer compete in any sports after years of doing multiple at a decent level (only recreational now) and it’s frustrating to not feel as explosive and as ready for anything as you used to be.