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I don’t wear my fitbit to bed but occasionally I’ll throw it on to see how I’m doing. I wore it a few nights ago after taking nyquil. I slept great but my watch said I only got about an hour of deep sleep. I wonder how I’d feel if I actually got some good rest.

It also seems to show that my regular sleep is terrible.


Yeah it’s very interesting. I’ve found I get the same deep sleep whether I so 7 or more hours. I also had my deepest sleep after a shorter sleep. Slept for 6 but 2 were deep. Once I’d gotten up and moving I felt great


Sunday runday.
Ran some HR zone intervals
Basically warmed up,
Ran a k flat out
Let my HR come back to zone 1 (easy)
Repeat 3 times
Then just kept HR in aerobic zone for 25 minutes after

Well I surprised myself. Each K was under 5 minutes. Km 1 was 4:07 which I’m sure is a PR, #2 was 4:21 and #3 was 4:54 so I was quite happy.
If I could keep lap 1s pace for a mile it’d be about 6:01 I think


Nice work, it’s always nice to see those 1km repeats with a 4 at the front


They don’t happen that often haha but I’m trying to make it more of a thing!
Now if I could just get it to start with a 3…


I would actually focus on trying to get all the 1km to be the same time. It will mean the first interval may feel a little easier than the next or the last but will make to faster overall. I would also add in some shorter intervals like 10 x 400m in 90 secs. The two sessions will soon get you to a 3 at the front.


I like the idea of K’s instead of M’s… I won’t be running 4 min 1km’s but it sounds a lot better than 9+ min miles.

The fancy new Air Runner I’ve been using at the gym shows your pace in MPH and min/mile. I was running my intervals and my pace was equal to my wife’s half marathon pace… Boy, did I feel inadequate :frowning_face:


Oh, I also got a bit sick of 4horsemen. It was tough, but I wasn’t really enjoying it, so last week I went back to old faithful conjugate style. I always enjoy this the most, and I’m able to structure it so I can still run/swim/ride without it really taking away. I also understand that I’m not a powerlifter so I’m not darn dead set on B/S/D and can enjoy the variations

Week 2. Mon. Me lower
Felt fine after yesterdays run, resting HR normal overnight so no mythical fatigue lol

  1. Paused box squat, new 1RM 210kg. I’ve done a touch and go single at 220 in wraps off a box but this was in sleeves with a decent pause. Perfect amount of grind
  2. Superset on RDLs and reverse lunges holding a 30kg med ball high on chest. Really liked this. Good leg and upper back work. 4 sets
  3. Back extensions 3x15-20
  4. Kb suitcase carries. 3x 40y each side
  5. Sled sprints 6x20y with 15-30 sec between efforts to finish.

Good times


How do you structure the accessories movements with a ME day?

ME- primary move (variation)

Secondary move— lightish building on weakness
Accessories- 2-5 building weakness of secondary
Keeping these light for high reps

DE- accommodating resistance comp lifts
Secondary move- medium sets of 5-8
Acc: same as above

Mobility/ conditioning day:


Basically yeah.
Mon: me lower
Max effort
Low back

Tues: de upper
Speed bench
Upper back
High rep band/cable work for rear delts and triceps

Wednesday: ride/run steady state

Thuraday: de lower
83 wide box squat
2 sumo deads
15-25 total jumps
Low back

Friday: me upper
Max effort
High rep supplemental
Upper back
High rep stuff

Saturday: swim or run or off

Sunday: run (ideally trails but weather dependent)

Basically my weakness is in some way or another my hams, or low back or triceps. So I hammer those and also my upper back and abs like crazy


I try to do all my pulling for upper body heavy for high reps


Low key annoyed that I didn’t try to squat 500. Would have loved a 500 squat the day after a 4min km but plenty of time for that. A sub 6 mile and a 500+ pull will be my end goals for T-ransformation challenge I guess


Aka project: Steve Rodgers ain’t got shit on me


De lower
Bench 9*3 with 3 different grips
Jm press lots
Db row lots
Seated pull down
Pinwheel curl
Cable wood chop
Face pulls 100
Triceps pushdown 100




De upper. My bad.


De lower
Low wide box squat 8x3
Sumo deads 10x2
Box jumps x15 36’
Kb swings and glute Bridges
Spread eagle sit ups
Tabatta spin bike - gross


40 minutes on the elliptical for some bonus credit


Would love a pros and cons list <3


Cons: price

Track HR, highest, resting, average etc. And graphs improvements over time

Tracks sleep quality, including graph of when deep sleep occurs and when you wake up

Tracks calories burned at rest and exercise and can also be paired with my fitness pal to compare calories in vs calories out to eliminate guessing of deficit vs surplus

Waterproof and long battery, I wear it for 5 days straight including nights then charge it for about twenty minutes and it’s 100% again.

Easy layout, it does what it’s designed to, tracks workouts and not much else

Set up to track indoor and outdoor runs, swims and rides, but you can create custom activities such as strength training or hiit etc

When you pair it to the free Garmin app it’s amazing. Automatically syncs with updates. Also get my SMS messages alerts on my watch and can read them

I really like the heart rate zone, for me it’s the best tool for running because I can easily see how hard I’m actually working without being distracted by the duration or distance, which mentally throws me off.

The gps is great, it maps your run and creates ‘segments’ which are like courses and it can check popular ones nearby and you can compare yourself to other people. You can also have ‘friends’ on Garmin and send challenges etc which is pretty cool

And lastly it gives you ‘trophies’ and has levels for the amount of work you’ve done and things like that. Eg. Running 5km in one session or running a PB etc.

If you’re after a badass watch specifically for triathlons I recommend it. It’s wrist based so it doesn’t need a chest strap, unless you want to be able to also measure your lactate threshold, or your HR while swimming which deactivates automatically while in the water

It’s no Apple watch in terms of gadgets and apps, but then again the Apple watch is no Garmin.
It’s my first one but I’m loving it, and Garmin has a real good rep with runners in particular

For strength training it really only tracks the length of the workout, my HR throughout and calories burned
So I mostly use it to time my rest and push really hard as my HR actually stays much lower than I’d
Thought. You can manually enter all your exercises, sets and reps etc on the Garmin app once you’ve completed it, and I think you can even set it up before to enter it…but I just prefer pen and paper for that.

The Garmin store has plenty of free watch faces too so you can customize the watch to show what you’d like.

That’s about all I can think of so far