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Kleinhound's Transformation2019


  1. I can’t kip. I haven’t figured out that skill and I’ll hit my head in my basement.

  2. I don’t really know how to do push ups in a way that doesn’t torch my muscles. I guess I’m just not very good at them. I had to kind of pause the last three rounds (of my seven). I could do six solid reps and then it was a 3 second pause and then 1 more until I reached 10 total.

I tried The Daily Dose of Deadlifts and enjoyed it. I had to scrap it because of my hip (again) but I think a Daily Dose of this could be very beneficial. I could knock out five rounds and be done working out in like 7 minutes with the goal of getting it down to five minutes.


I feel you, remember I’m like a foot shorter and like thirty or so pounds lighter, so much less weight through my chest/arms on pushups.


4km run today. It was slow and mentally kicked my ass, but was just glad to get in a bit of distance. I must say, while running for me is very uncomfortable both mentally and of course physically, I get a real sense of accomplishment that lasts for a long ass time after I’m done. I’d like to be getting in 10-20km per week if I’m honest. I’ve always wanted to be someone who can run and lift, and I’m really then only thing getting in my own way


Part of me wishes I was one of those guys who could run a 20 minute 5K while moving big weights in the weight room, but I suck at running. I’m also in my own way, but like you said, I’m a large individual :joy:


I know what you mean man! I said to a friend I’d love to run an ultra in 2019…and yet I’ve never done a full, 1/2 or 1/4 marathon lol


I haven’t run a 5k since high school. I ran cross country my junior year because I didn’t want to play football. My girlfriend ran and I needed a letter to keep my chance of winning an award at school (3 letters every year of high school). My best time was 24 and change and I only hit <25 once. I ran for an entire season and still sucked.


Passed my physical test, evidently my eyesight and lung volume/tidal volume are impressive. Booked for physical agility test and two weeks from now.
Cross your fingers boys, only the top seven blokes will get an offer for the first round of academy.


Im pretty sure you’ll be easily in the top 7, you’re a beast


Haha thanks mate, it’s across all testing platforms, so literacy, iq, psych, physical assessment and the agility test. Hopeuflyl I’ll dominate


Congrats man, and good luck!


Casual 5km today. Nothing fast


I gave a few lads on here some tricks when finding a good pace, if you find the mental side struggling, breathe to the beat of “we will rock you” by queen
You know how normally to get the beat you’d stomp twice and clap?
When you’re running time, time your nostril breath to the two deep inhales, and a big exhale for the clap.
Link it up to your steps and you’ll build a decent pace


Congrats on showing off!


Great advise Jez.
When I started running I did two inhales and two exhales. And when the pace got up I went by 2 exhales and 1 inhale.
Running Queen in the head is awesome.

If you want to run faster, take one day a week and do some timed shorter running.
400 m, 800 m, 1 km and 1 mile (1,6 km).
Do some warm up running, then decide a distance.
400 m means a lot more warm up.
After warm up run one of the distances say 1 km, remember to time it.
The first time go relative slow, next time beat that time.
You can have two distances in one running like 800 m AND 1 km.
The rest of the week keep your longer distances at the normal pace in no time (a month or two) your 5K will improve.


Another trick is to not run.

Works every time.


A week down the beach = unplanned deload. Did a few runs, and some pushups and chin ups.
Ran a 2k, a 3K and a 5K. Lungs are no issue at all, it’s just running conditioning in my legs that needs to build up.


Howdy partner, it’s been awhile since I stopped by… You are looking awesome. Did I read correctly that you are back eating meat again?


Heya buddy. Yes sir I am, initially it was huge amounts but for the last few weeks it’s been a real mix of vego/omni meals. I’m trying to eat more and more veg along with my meat for no other reason than I just feel better when I eat a lot of veg, and meat is delicious lol.


Training today was a drag. Back at work to back to 5:30am workouts.
Deads, built to a double at 180kg and it felt glued to the floor
Giant set
Kb swings x15 W 32kg kb
Deads at 160/150/140kg, went 8/8/10
V ups x15
Burpees x12

Called it after that. Will do some bw stuff at home tonight.

Think I’ll get up 10 mins earlier each day and do some yoga to warm up


Good for you. Wish I was a morning person. I have to drag myself out of bed to barely make it to work on time.