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Kleinhound's Transformation2019


I think I want to try Alphas 4 horsemen at some point. Probably soon. Ticks all my boxes
Fast pace, high rep, time conscious.
I’d probably jig it a bit

  1. Warm up and build phase
  2. Amrap giant sets
  3. Hard conditioning ‘assistance’
    My draft layout looks good. We’ll see


Thanks to you I’m slowly learning how to get what I want out of the weight room. I want the CrossFit look and performance. I want to be bigger than Fikowski - he’s the tallest Games podium finisher and he’s 6’2". I’ll never match the performance but I can get pretty good for an average guy in his mid 30s.

On my first attempt I tried doing WODs. They hurt. My current approach was inspired by your barbell complexes. I’m just making my own WODs by picking exercises that hit what I need for the day. It’s been shoulders, abs, chest, and back. It’s similar to Brian’s conditioning giant sets.

So far it feels better and I’m not dying. My only leg work will be things like lunges, jumps, and the exercise bike. No more crap that hurts. Hopefully someday I’ll be as lean as you but bigger :wink:

(but still weaker)


Hey little puppy been away from your log a while, I can see things are going well over here.
Do you feel more conditioned for that academy fitness test, and when will that be?
Ohh btw really like your PR sets :slight_smile:
4horsemen looks really good.


Hey thanks man! That’s really awesome to hear!
You and I have really similar approaches to our actual goals, but also getting distracted by wanting to be bigger here, or more conditioned there.
But you raise a great point in doing what YOU need. I think that’s a key that a lot of flash in the pan lifters miss.
Keep kicking ass man!


Hey bud thanks!
Conditioning is coming back slowly, for me the biggest thing is running is a mental game, which always takes the longest time to get in the right zone. I’m getting more comfortable being uncomfortable but it will always be a work in progress for me vs a Metcon workout that I’m always up for. Still in the queue for my fitness test so just waiting on the call. Easily the most annoying part of the process is the waiting lol


Punched a bag for a bit. Smiled a lot, sweated more. Feet still feel super glued to the floor. I’ll give it time.

  1. Chins 50 total
  2. Lat pull downs 3 second ecc 1 set of rest pause. Massive pump and burn
  3. Standing modified Arnold press 3x8
  4. Black burns, 2 sets, 4 positions 20sec each
  5. Cable curls 3x12
  6. Ab circuit 20x v ups, 20x hip ups, 15 toe touches x2 rounds
  7. Bw complex 30x mountain climbers 20x pushups, 10x froggers 5x burpees for 5 rounds

15 min sauna

Awesome stuff


This type is training on Best Damn caused me to buy some of those hook things. Those slow eccentrics killed my grip.


Have tried two workouts for darkhorse and I really enjoy the pace of the main work, but also love the ego satisfying build prior to that

So I’ve rolled over.

  1. Deadlifts, build to heavy single at 200kg
  2. Giant set, 3 rounds
    Kb swings x20
    Deadlifts Amrap x180/170/160
    Kb Russian twists x15
    Burpees x10
  3. Assistance/barbell conditioning
    5 rounds of macho man (3 clean, 3 front squat, 3 push press EMOM)
    Was pretty smoked after deads. Pulled 180x10 so very happy cowboy.

Today did

  1. OHP build to heavyish triple 60kg
  2. Giant sets
    Kb rows x20
    OHP 50/45/40kg
    Deadball twists x15
    Deadball slams x12
  3. Assistance 3 rounds of DT (12 deads, 9 hang power clean, 6 Push jerk)
  4. Bro pump circuit. Band pulls to fail, curls to fail, pushups to fail, plank to fail, 3 rounds zero rest
    15 min sauna

Fun training


I lied it was four horsemen, not darkhorse. Arn Anderson please forgive me


You are a sick sick man. Quality


Look at the rest of that training. It all looks awful—especially after I felt trashed after my weak ass workout today.


Was looking at the 4horsemen looking forward to your experience


In the words of clubber lang
“my prediction?.. Pain”


Good phone call today. Booked in for my physical examination this Friday. Once I’m ‘cleared’ I’ll hopefully get to do the actual test asap. The light at the end of the tunnel may be near

  1. Squat, build to triple at 160
  2. Giant set
    Kb jumps x10
    Squats Amrap 140/130/120
    Mountain climbers 20 each side
    Kb thrusters x12
  3. Assistance 10 min Amrap 5 chin, 10 pushup, 15 squat.

Squats felt rubbish today, might try squatting in flats as I seemed to be pitching forward too much. The floor is rubber matting but it seems to be higher in the centre than the perimeter and I suspect that plus my lifter heel is adding to it


Today was better, albeit still adjusting to the main work following a heavy single plus the main lift coming second in the giant set. Shouldn’t take too long to adjust.

  1. Bench worked to a single at 120kg
  2. Giant set
    Db rows x20 each arm
    Bench Amrap 105,100,95 moved pretty well
    Crunches x30
    Db swings x20
  3. Assistance was take a shower and get changed lol. Ran out of time but felt I got the main stuff in.

Keen for the next Tnation challenge. No way to win the overall but maybe can come in pretty solid for most improved. If I keep current diet and intensity on track


Best of luck mate


How’d you do on this? One of the benchmark WODs is this done EMOM for 30 minutes. I can’t do it. I only got seven rounds in 10 minutes. I’m sure my pull ups are different though.


Pretty much emom but tbh I didn’t really care, as long as my heart was in my mouth for 10 mins lol
I think I got 9 rounds, maybe 8. But yeah strict chins not kipping slows it down a bit. Same with pushups, I’d rather feel them and get less ‘rounds’ and still elicit the desired effect on my conditioning if that makes sense?