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Kleinhound's Transformation2019


  1. Bench 5x 95, 3x105, 4x115kg (recent pr, not all time I don’t think)
  2. Db floor press 2x Max reps W 30kgs. 22/18
  3. Superset 1 arm db row 4x8 40kg
    And Tricep pushdown cable stack 4x8
  4. Db shrugs 3x8 W 40kg superset w
    Db rear delt fly 3x10 W 6kgs
  5. BB complex 4 rounds
    10x dead, row, clean, press, squat W 40kg


I keep forgetting about this type of stuff for conditioning! I need to throw it in because my fitness improved quickly during that CrossFit phase (according to my resting HR).


Quick, simple and vicious is what I’m about haha


Was there any rest between rounds?


About 60sec between first three and then 3 minutes before the final round lol

  1. Box Squats, 5x160, 3x175, 1x190 but I did an easy double lol
  2. Bulg split squat jumps 5x5 W 2.5s
  3. Superset of hip extensions 3x15
    And spread eagle sit ups W 10kg plate 3x15
  4. Reverse lunges 2x 60second rounds W 30kg kbs
  5. Med ball ots and burpees for 7 minutes

  1. Chins, 50 total
  2. Superset NG lat pull down 2x Max reps with 70kg (squeeze each rep not chainsaw style)
    And NG OHP. I used the Swiss curl bar and it was awesome, 15kg plate each side. Made my core shake like crazy.
  3. Single arm rear delt cable fly. 4x10
  4. Db curls, run the rack 22.5kgs down to 10kgs, 8 reps per set, 30sec break between efforts.
  5. Ab circuit, 2 rounds of
    20 sprinter sit ups, 15 v ups, 20 toe touches, 15 hip ups
  6. Bodyweight burner, 2 rounds
    30 mountain climbers, 20 pushups, 10 groiners, 5 burpees

Blew through this session, conditioning coming back a little.

  1. Sumo deads, 5x175, 3x190, 1x210kg except it felt so butter I did 5 touch and go for a huge PR lol. Deload next week so yolo
  2. Kb squat jumps 4x5
  3. Superset kb swings 4x12
    Swiss ball roll out 4x12
  4. Barbell reverse lunges slow control 3x10
  5. 1 mile run, legs were smoked, 7:15 lol wtf


I hate you.


I love this :joy: Week before deload is the best


Yeah I didn’t feel like deloading. So I decided not to deload. I really feel no need for it at the moment. Percentages have waved back down too, so similar effect.

  1. Bench, 8x90, 6x95, 4x105 (got 9 reps. PR)
  2. Med ball offset pushups 2x max
    3 superset
    Hammer strength rows 3x12
    Db Tricep extension 3x12
  3. Superset
    Face pull 3x10 W 2 sec hold
    Zottman curls 3x10
  4. Db complex 3 rounds
    Front squat, swing, curl and press, squat jump


Thug lyf

  1. Squats 8x145, 6x155, 4x165 (got 11. PR. Wanted to quit at 9 reps, but had just watched Dave tate box squatting like a man possessed, so PR)
  2. Kneeling med ball jumps 4x5 this was actually exercise 1 I just typed squats first yolo lololol
  3. Superset of hip thrusts and feet elevated Swiss ball plank 3x12 and 3x30 sec
  4. Reverse lunges front leg elevated 2x10
  5. Met con 9-7-5 power snatches and strict chins
    Good fun and able to go fast


180 pounds of pale DSC_0006


Pale and beard gains looking strong


8x3 minute rounds on the heavy bag
I forgot just how much I enjoy boxing.
I was gassed pretty early and my shoulders were so fatigued
Ended with a 20 minute sauna


I’d like to do this but I’d look like a fool. I need some coaching first.


Hitting the bag? Nah you’d be fine. It’s all practice after all. Mitts is where you can really look uncoordinated lol


And my footwork is shocking at the moment. I’m so heavy on my feet :joy: need that butterfly mode


I feel like I’m standing in sand on the basketball court so I’m sure I’d be light as an elephant.