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Kleinhound's Transformation2019


Mate. You’re not fluffy :joy:

Embrace it like you’re doing and you’ll be a lean 100 kg down the road.


Haha I guess that’s true. Just relative to how I’ve always been it feels that way. But that’s the curse of the lean guy who wants to get big. Such a mind fuck haha


The majority of my meals, like 80-90% has been based on the vertical diet. It’s super easy and basically stan has given the full diet away for free. I eat a lot of rice, probably 4-5 cups a day.
Either monster mash or steaks and rice. Mostly three coloured peppers with the mash and zuchini, kale and spinach with the steak. Eggs in the morning with side yoghurt. Bit of OJ, fruit for snacks.
Easy meal prep, pretty cheap top


For what it’s worth, I found a free copy of his ebook and I can confirm its more or less useless if you’ve seen his seminars/podcasts/rants/talks/posts. The only thing the ebook has going is a free training plan which is kinda shitty IMO and links to lots of studies.

It does also have a couple of sample meal plans, but honestly the Vertical Diet is so easy you’d need to be a complete spoon-feeder to need it.

I have no idea why he charges $100 USD for information he’s already given and is continuing to give out for free.


Well people keep buying it lol


I guess it’s one of those things, give the people free content but they’re always going to want to be told exactly how to do it. Alpha gives away free programs all the time, so does defranco, westside post their workouts, 531 is just some simple percentages at heart, but people just want their hand held most of the time

  1. Machine chest press 4x8
  2. Flat bench worked to a heavy set of 6. Managed 110kg so very happy with that considering I haven’t flat Benched in 5 weeks
  3. Db press 5 sets to failure with a weight I could initially get for 20 reps. Big pump, only 60sec rest between efforts
  4. Machine fly 4x8 with pauses in squeeze and stretch plus 15 sec stretch at the end of the set
  5. Rear delt machine fly 3x20 with 15 sec iso hold in flex at end of the sets, plus a drop set after the final set and hold to failure
  6. High incline Smith press 3x8
  7. Cable fly 3x10 each side, alternating with no rest, dropping weight as needed

Starting to adjust to the volume and rhythm of machines. Still find the Smith machine really difficult


Woke up late so did arms today and will do legs tomorrow, as this is a much easier session to bang out

  1. Cable curls 4x12 constant tension
  2. Pinwheel curls 4x10, kind of explode up, squeeze for a second and lower with control. When I do them this way I feel a great contraction
  3. Spider curls 4x10 with 3 sec eccentric
  4. Rope pushdown 4x12
  5. Close grip pushups 4x failure with slow descent
  6. Seated db overhead extension with 10 second stretch at end of each set
  7. Seated calf raises 6x10 with double drop on last set


I have no idea how ill handle 2x leg sessions a week. Oh well. Last intense leg session for this round I think.

  1. Lying leg curl, 4x10 with 5 slow partials at the end of each set
  2. Escalating leg press, work to a heavy set of 8 reps. I got to 8 plates per side which I was happy with…i think… Eccentrically it was real hard, not so much concentrically
  3. Squat drop set. Worked up for 4 sets of 8, top set a comfortable 140 all things considered, then two drops, one at 100kg for 8 again and then down to 60kg where I battled out 22 reps and was done. Stupid move because I thought that was the last quad exercise. I was wrong.
  4. Smith machine split squat, slow tempo, 4x8 each leg
  5. Db stiff leg deads. 1 set of 10-10-10, resting for 30 sec at the top after each lot of ten reps.
    Done. Dead. Deceased.


Just reading that made me tired. Nice work


Yeah every part of my legs ache haha. It’s like a roadmap of pain


Made me smile man.
Your legs must hate you.


Are you still alive?


Did you go walkabout


Hahaha yeah man way out bush


Hectic last few weeks with life. And I also had a good chat a few weeks ago with an ex star force captain. We were talking about how they pay attention to stand out recruits, even during testing, so I have modified my goals as Hypertrophy is cool and all, but if my conditioning suffers prior to me academy fitness test then what’s the point. So I’ve been doing defranco built like a bad ass, with a second lower body day, so 4 days per week, conditioning each day and additional longer cardio or boxing. I hate using the word beast, but I want to be able to make an impact from the get go


Best of luck mate, hope it goes well


I like the idea of being a beast in terms of conditioning but I actually cringe when I think about the work required to get there.


So today was

  1. Box Squats, 6x155, 4x165, 2x180
  2. BSS jumps W bodyweight 4x5
    3 a. Bw hip thrusts 3x15
    3 B. Spread eagle sit ups
  3. Reverse lunges 2 rounds of 45 sec with 20kg kbs
  4. Five minutes of 45kg deadball over shoulder and burpees, escalating reps, so 1 ball, 1 burpees, 2 ball, 2 burpees etc. I love this


Yesterday was lots of pulling, some pushing, lots of abs, a couple curls then a bastard ab circuit and then 100 pushups for time. Also did a bb complex at the end as I missed it Monday.

Sumo deads, 6x170, 4x185, 2x200 felt so good
Standing vert jumps 4x5
Kb swings & ab ball rollouts
Was meant to do lunges and a 1 mile run but ran out of time, will have to be tomorrow or tonight