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Kleinhound's Transformation2019


2 of the exercise descriptions for tomorrow end in ‘of death’


I had a little peak at the program, I honestly feel a little bit sorry for you
Hack squats drop set fuck your life


You guys are crazy with all this volume and suffering. Haven’t you heard the phrase “stimulate, don’t annihilate”?


The only reason I’m personally doing it is because it’s working
I fathom I’m giving it 12 weeks, then drop back a bit
Nothing like fresh stimulus for muscle growth


Send help.

  1. Seated ham curls, 4x10, 4th set is a triple drop to failure on each set plus 10 partials on final drop to completely fill hams with blood
  2. Squats, work to a 10RM for the day, managed 160kg, pleased with that as I did sets up ten up to it, instead of doing some 3s until I got to my top set
  3. Hack squat drop set of death. 4x10 working up in weight, 4th set is a triple drop set with 10 partials in bottom of final set
  4. Leg extension drop set of death. Thankfully this was just one massive drop set to finish of my quads, with some partials for good measure
  5. Glute bridges with bodyweight. Was meant to be 4x8 each side but I did them as frog pumps and for sets of 20 because volume and I feel them a lot in my glutes
  6. Bodyweight calf raises x200

Absolutely smoked.


Fuck me.

It’s amazing what can be done when you accept that your soul may leave your body in the process.


Crank the volume up to 11!


Seriously that is absolutely insanity
I have to try that


I feel absolutely shit canned haha. Full on zombie mode


I’m soooo looking forward to just blasting some arms tomorrow haha

  1. Seated alt bicep curls, plenty of warm ups then 4x10 with a 7sec iso hold on final rep/set
  2. Preacher hammer curl, interesting move, on meadows’ YouTube. I’d describe it as a concentration pinwheel curl. 4x10
  3. Preacher curl 4x6 with 3 sec eccentric each rep
  4. Tricep rope pushdown. Heaps of warm ups then 4x12
  5. Dip machine 4x10 heavy
  6. Overhead rope extension 4x12 with 10 second hold in stretch after each set
  7. Rope crunch 4x failure
  8. Seated calves 5x10 with 20 dorsiflexion between each set, minimal rest.


Chest/back/shoulder pump

  1. Incline machine press, lots of warm ups then 3x8 with 3/4 constant tension reps
  2. Superset of db hex press and db fly 3x10 each
  3. Isolateral Pull down machine with isometric hold. Basically doing alternating reps but instead of the non-rep arm being in the stretched position I’d hold the rep at the bottom. 3x10
    Tremendous pump from this and really felt my lower lays engage
  4. Db row 3x15
    These felt amazing after the previous exercise, more like the way I think maybe @BrickHead described in a previous thread about being minimal arm movement aside from the lat drawing the elbow back… My descriptions are so picturesque
  5. Seated rope ‘face pulls’ 3x10 with 3sec squeeze each rep. Done in the same fashion as a face pull but done to nipple height. Lots of rear delt, trap and rhomboid engagement.
  6. Superset of seated machine shoulder press and rear delt fly 3x10 each with a drop set on final set of press and flys to fail, then swings to fail.
    Bonus calf work.
    Start with 100kg on the stack and do drop sets until I’ve hit 100 reps then finish with a loaded stretch


Unflattering lighting and I still can’t pose but whatevs. Chest is progressing I think, slowly developing more of an ‘upper’ chest. I’d like more meat on my Tricep to balance out my arms a bit more too… All work in progress I guess


Holy quads!

I agree with the rest, this program looks torturous.


Yeah the arm angle in the first pic is not very flattering but the second pic. Damn son.

Mustache is on point. I say go full handlebar the Boston blacky kind


Yer looking good and lean


How did I miss this great log
I’m in little Puppy :slight_smile:
You’re damn lean with some big wheels attached man.


HIIT and Hill climb again today.
Rest tomorrow needed


Week 5.

  1. Seated iso row, 1 side at a time focusing on a big stretch and squeeze 4x10
  2. Supinated lat pull down 4x10 trying to focus on lower lat contraction
  3. Deadstop db rows 4x8, exploding up, freeze framing the squeeze and slowly lowering. Had to use lighter weight than normal but good pump and mind muscle connection
  4. Db pullovers 4x10
  5. Back extension 6 sets, no real rep scheme. It was to ‘failure’ but failure point set to rpe 7ish
  6. Hang leg raise 4x failure
  7. Calf raises 7x8 with tib raises to fail


I gotta say, I’m enjoying this progress more than I thought. I don’t like being this fluffy, but I know that it’s part of the process. Plus I’m confident that once I switch back to performance goals and add my hard conditioning in, the fluff will go and ‘fingers crossed’ some of the mass will stay. Obviously won’t be 85kg lean, but I’d love to be 80-81 shredded as opposed to 77-79kg.
And by God my Bench better improve haha