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Kleinhound's Transformation2019


Arms today.

  1. Tricep pushdowns with the single handles 4x12
  2. Bent over, overhead Tricep extensions with same handles 4x10
  3. Kettle bell tate press 4x10
  4. Ez Bar Curl 4x10 W 30sec rest
  5. Db spider curls 4x10
  6. Ez Bar preacher curls 4x8
  7. Rope ab crunches 4x failure
  8. Seated calves 4x15 with 5 partials


Chesr/back/shoulder pump

  1. Machine press 3x8 constant tension
  2. Dips 3x failure
  3. Pec Dec 3x10 with pause and squeeze
  4. Chins 3x failure, strict and slow
  5. Shrugs 3x15 with 2 sec pause
  6. Seated wide row 3x8 with slow eccentric
    Focusing on letting the lats spread open
  7. Superset of 3x10 rear delt db fly and lateral fly
  8. Calf raise to a heavy 10 then a massive drop set to total failure. Maybe five drops I’m not sure.

Mixed some dextrose with my jug of water and sipped through the workout like I saw @duketheslaya and @danteism talking about. Tasted like shit but the pump was good


No idea how I missed your log. Good to have another Aussie in here. Legs looking massive. I’ll be following along.


It’s because it used to be titled “Life After Vegetables”. You probably just kept going after you saw that. :laughing:


I mean I would have done the same thing haha


I’m pretty sure I came across you in other parts of the Forum and then got curious about your training. I had to go to your profile to figure out the title of your log.


Haha yeah I’m mostly pretty quiet in most of the forums, I don’t feel like I have that much advice to give


HIIT class with the missus today, bit of mindless fun. Then a big hike up Mt Lofty with some friends. Legs are toast now


I started out giving advice by I’m tired of seeing the same questions. Other people can give advice now. I mostly browse the Bigger Stronger Leaner and Off Topic threads now.


I understand that for sure. For me it’s either logs of people I feel that I’d get along with/train with, or the flame free one haha.
I nearly posted in the rate my physique but tbh my log gets the feedback from the people who’s opinions I really value anyway haha


I’ll never post in Rate My Physique for the same reason. I’ll do the T-ransformation again for fun and this year I’ll actually transform a bit.


In the same boat as simo what the fuck how did I miss it but yeah pleasant title change

legs thicc mate, I want some murderous gains what is this workout I should try?


Well I stumbled across a john meadows program called gamma bomb and it’s just a really oldschool hypertrophy program kicking the shit out of me, yet working


Volume is definitely spiking this week.

  1. Isolateral pull down machine with supinated grip. 4x10 per side, all reps on one side before doing the other, but holding the non-rep side in the stretched position. Big pump
  2. Rack pulls from mid shin, worked to a heavy 5x5. 3 sets at 200 and the last two at 180
  3. Chin up death. 6 sets to failure.
    2x sets at normal grip
    2x sets at wide grip
    2x sets at neutral
  4. Db pullover 4x10
  5. Weighted hanging stretch
  6. Leg raise 4x failure
  7. Calf raises 6x20 with tibialis raises to fail in between



  1. Machine press 4x8
  2. Incline bb press, work to a heavy 6. Managed 90kg which is the most I’ve ever inclined
  3. Neutral grip db press 4x8 with 1 drop set on last set
  4. Stretch pushups 4x failure
  5. Bradford press 3x10 constant tension
  6. Rear delt machine fly 3x20 with 15sec iso holds on final rep of each set
  7. Db 6 way Laterals (lateral raise, bring dbs to front, raise overhead, then reverse)


85kg last night, 83.5kg this morning. These are pretty consistent numbers now which is nice. If I can slowly get to being 85kg empty in the morning, for consecutive mornings then I’ll be very happy. Still have visible abs which is good, definitely softer though


@bigjez legs tomorrow and it looks harrowing


Deload next week?


Negative. This isn’t even peak week lol


Fark Lord have mercy on your legs