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Kleinhound's Transformation2019


Luckily I stuck to my cue of “don’t die” on this occasion


Bench today 125kg. Current PR. Was smoother than my attempts at 120 weeks ago. Another success. Did some high rep assistance stuff after.


Things are getting strong up in here.Nice PRs man!


Hey thanks man, bits at a time I guess haha. Always nice to hit a new single PR after staying fairly still for a while :slight_smile:


Amazing how hard a heavy ass squat feels. I have a love hate relationship with it. So nice when you finish so fucking disturbing while grinding it out. Like time stops during the lift


Finished off the 8 week cycle by pulling 220kg on deadlifts as well. All time PR for sumo from the floor, 20kg current PR as well, considering I hadn’t managed to even break 200 from the floor in about eight months. Happy days and neck gains


I have a pretty lifting face


Back, abs, calves

  1. Meadows rows, couple warm ups, then 3 sets of 8 escalating. Last set double drop to failure
  2. Smith machine rows, dead stop. 3 sets of 8 with a squeeze at the top
  3. Single arm barbell row, 3 sets of 8 with a double drop to failure.
  4. Db pullover, slow eccentric with pause in stretch 3x10
  5. Abs, 4 sets to failure of leg raises
  6. Calf raises, 2 sets of 10 with 10 bottom partials.
    Big pump.

  1. Slight incline db press, working in sets of 8 to an rpe 9, then double drop to fail
  2. Incline Bench, work to a heavy set of 6
  3. Machine press, work to a tough 15 then rest-pause twice
  4. Machine fly 3x10, with 10 second stretched hold each set
  5. Rear delt fly 3x25 controlled pump
  6. Db fly 3x25 controlled pump
  7. Bb front raise 3x25 controlled pump

We’ll fuck, this is the most mind-muscle I’ve ever felt with shoulders. Everything was very light, but the long duration of sets lit my delts up like crazy…they may even grow


Up to about 83/84 after this program, diet is dialed in very well too, lots of rice and veg, lots of steak, feeling good to attack this Hypertrophy focus.
I know without doubt I’ll want to quit two weeks in but this is what I need


Wheels today

  1. Lying ham curls, work to a heavy 3x10 with slow ecc
  2. Squats, had to use a smith as racks were taken, work to a heavy set of 8 (first time using a smith to squat, super weird but definitely hit the quads a lot)
  3. Leg press, work to a heavy set of 20 then two rest pauses
  4. Stiff leg Deadlift 3x10 with pause in bottom stretch.

Very simple and very painful


Shoulders and traps are looking excellent. Part of me is jealous of how lean you are, a small part of me.


You’re like 9 lbs away from being that lean. A large part of me is jealous of both of you. You can be more lean than me and stronger…at lower body weights.


Haha, thanks! But I’m sitting around 225lbs right now, so I’d say I’m about 20lbs away from being that lean.



  1. Tricep pushdown with 2x single handles 3x10
  2. Dip machine 3x10 W 4 sec ecc
  3. Overhead Tricep extension with 10 sec stretch each set
  4. Hammer curls 3x10
  5. Ez Bar Curl 3x8
  6. Preacher curls 3x10 with 10 sec bodyweight stretch
  7. Abs, cable crunch 4x failure
  8. Seated calf 2x15 with pause in bottom and top


I’m having such an internal debate right now. And I’m torn between really diving into this Hypertrophy block or pushing for this 500lb squat and Deadlift


I had fantastic success getting stronger with beyond 531, and I could always add an extra upper body pump day on Saturday…fuck it.
I really want 500…like so bad. More than I want to be big.
God dammit.


Fuark yeah. Get that 500 squat and dead man


Being big will help so it’s not like you’re going the other direction. You’ll just put off chasing PRs for a bit. But you’ll add weight to the bar faster if you start that pursuit with more muscle. You’ll just have to teach that muscle how to work correctly for max effort lifts.


Get bigger first. The weights will come when that happens.