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Kleinhound's Transformation2019


That sounds rough. Maybe you’ve managed okay because you didn’t push them too much and let them heal? I feel like with an injury it can go a couple of ways, one is you keep on pushing through and that is fine, it might delay complete recovery but it’s not making it any worse, and the other is where you take an injury that would heal up fine in a certain amount of time and then you aggravate it to the point of it taking multiple times longer than it would have you laid off it.

And then there is the subject of dealing with an injury properly, I’ve made the mistake of not going to the gym, ending up weaker than before and then just setting up a cascade of long-lasting issues. Maybe you’d have the good fortune of being mature in how you’ve handled yours?

On the subject of your disk bulge, I have a friend who has had one and has only just started weightlifting. Any advice for being able to do so safely while still making progress?


Get a good physio! Basically it was really important to keep stretching and moving it as much as I could initially to avoid it from muscle guarding and degeneration. I had to (as much as I could) try to bend backward for 10-20 ‘reps’ every hour on the hour. These were very very small movements but important to keep my lower spine from being all fucked up, and also to ‘push’ the disc bulge back in. Then it was walking when I could tolerate it as my ‘exercise’ and from there I progressed to things like planks, dead bugs and bird dogs. I found bird dogs most beneficial. As soon as I could safely I started to load my bad again too, nothing crazy but important to get the muscles working. I attacked the Deadlift and squat in particular with a lot of ferocity after that and really learned how to brace


Also, the bulge generally comes from weakness of the core and poor posture, so both of those can be addressed with lots of core work, and lots of back work, perfect for weight lifting :slight_smile:
I’d love to use a reverse hyper but in total honesty I’ve found an ab wheel and a back extension to be a great combo


When doing an wheels do you brace like when you deadlift or squat?


Did your physio tell you what to do when this happens? I’m pretty sure that’s where I’m at with my hip.


For me, I didn’t experience it badly, but massage to relax the muscle to allow mobility exercises was the approach. Dry needling helped too. Basically anything to get the muscles to relax a bit to allow me to work on mobility


Yeah man absolutely


Ohhh. Is it like that for most ab movements?


Not all, because think of the ab wheel as more of an anti rotation movement. You use your ab to stop spinal flexion, and then reverse the movement, whereas a crunch or sit up creates spinal flexion


Yes. This is correct. I have an ab. You have abs.


:joy: This actually made me laugh at my desk


What’s up man?


Hey legend! I’m great, training has been tough but great. Just ended up not logging on here for a bit, but have hit some good marks.
Today I squatted 4 singles at 200kg in my burst open sleeves, and they moved better than the single in wraps a few weeks ago. Looking at once more week, then a deload and a retest and I really, REALLY want to squat 5 plates, but have to hit 210 first


fuck yeah man. Nice job on the 200. 5 plates is awesome, You’ll get that real soon!


Retested squat Max today, AND I FUCKING DID IT! 220kg
Came a bees dick away from dying but grinded it up. Vid on my instagram :slight_smile:
Deads and bench to come and then probably looking at doing John meadows gamma bomb


Hell yeah!! Well done


Thanks pal! It was involuntarily paused haha. I can now consider myself, kinda sorta strong in the squat


Fucking awesome!


Thanks so much man! Had to fight like crazy not to let my knees collapse fully in haha


You held up really well coming so close to getting stapled. Knee cave wasn’t bad and you controlled it.