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Kleinhound's Transformation2019


Bastard coach is a bastard


I was VERY close to Googling what a Jesus Pushup was.


Arms straight out to the side


Very happy considering third time squatting in six days


Also weening myself off of so much caffeine at the moment. Pre workout was probably used for far too long. So now I’m down to around 2-3 cups of coffee per day


Pretty happy with a 185kg pause Deadlift seeing as my max that I’m basing everything off is 200. It’s been a long time since I’ve pulled anything over that


So he had you do 10 x 100 m runs and you got like 15 seconds rest between each… or I guess more that as you progressed and started to die? And then you had to do it two more times?


This is correct sir



Oh it gets better. He’s got me on 6x1km runs this Wednesday.
Must be some method to his madness. I’m up in weight without too much fat gain.
Tipped the scales at 83.8 the other day, and was only 81.2 this morning so consistently above 80 which is rare for me.
I’m eating a lot more to support the training load I think


His madness is brutal conditioning. My 100m runs with a 1:1 work:rest ratio would’ve looked something like this:

sec worked / sec rested


Is it even conditioning when it gets that slow? :laughing:


I honestly think it’s endurance and mental toughness at that point. Maybe lactate training I don’t really know haha. It seems to hurt less if I don’t ask



Is it just me or does everyone’s log these days come with a long list of injuries and mobility issues, even in the young? Wtf are people doing to themselves these days? Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful not to have any injuries that still cause me issues, but I almost feel uncool for not having a resume of them haha
Maybe gymnastics bulletproofed me somehow


Most likely. I never did sports right up until 14 so my mobility isn’t what it should be.


If I knew what caused my problems then I’d stop doing that…unless it’s just lifting in general.

As far as the mobility issues… I think it’s easy to focus on strength and muscle growth while forgetting about stretching and moving through a full range of motion. If people start lifting young then their mobility is fine but we all fall apart as we age. They wake up one day and realize they have a problem but it usually has to get in the way in the gym before it gets any attention.


Possibly the gymnastics. Your time will come though, I’m sure. Hope I’m wrong.


What do you weigh? I think some of my problems come from being a big oaf. My own body weight is detrimental sometimes - more wear and tear lb my joints. I’m even hurting myself in my sleep.


I’d say being a sedentary young’un did me in. I have no flexibility issues at all, but my posterior chain will be playing catch-up for a long time. This probably skews the odds in the favour of injuries. All that sitting down in front of a computer eventually became my career too so it’s not all bad of course.


I’ve had some bad injuries but just nothing that I ever think about now. I always just approached them as something to get over and once behind me it’s no longer an issue, if that makes sense? The two worst ones were a lateral disc bulge between T and L which was real shitty, and i nearly tore my ankle off playing field hockey, maybe they have limited me and I’m just not aware of it? To @JMaier31good point too, I am 5’9 and 180lb and have always been lean so there’s not much extra strain on my body/joints