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Kleinhound's Transformation2019


Hey @OdinsMonkey yeah sure thing buddy
So really, I haven’t counted macros consistently since maybe the start of the Tnation challenge.
My nutrition goals basically come from the Simple Diet for Athletes. Where for the most part I will avoid added sugar, try to get carbs from rice potatoes and gluten free sources, and then Unlimited fruit and veggies, and meat again these days

I try to cook from scratch most of the time, I eat three meals a day usually but sometimes it’s two and sometimes four haha

I meal prep my lunches for the week, which these days is rice cooked in stock, beef mince and veggies because it’s simple and cheap and keeps me full.

Pretty much, if you cook it yourself, and it came from the ground, a bush or a tree, or it once had a face, you can eat it


Today was simple
3x2km runs W 3 minute walking recovery.

Splits went 9:30, 8:45, 10:03

Ideally I would be able to run 3 sub 8s.
But we’ll get there


:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:


It’s great having a coach, I get to wake up to emails like this.


It said 7 rounds for the run but then said 10 sets. Which one is it?


I did seven, I think the 10 was a typo


And I’m not going back and running three more



Saturday is looking like I’m going to try 200 for 3 without the box. It sounded like a much better idea when coach and I talked about it


Today came straight out of bro heaven


Today did not come from bro heaven.
3x750m row efforts W 2 min rest
Immediately into
2x3km runs W 5 min rest

I don’t want to talk about it :joy:


Is this a police academy prep program? Good grief, you’re doing a lot of conditioning.


Squatted 200 for a fast single and then 190 for a triple. We played it conservative and it was probably the right move being only two weeks in to the acclimation phase.

@JMaier31kind man, my mate who is programming knows my goals and I basically said, ideally I want to be able to go as hard as the special forces for my state police


*kind of



Pause squat in just a belt, very pleased considering the 200kg single two days ago



Jesus pushups are underrated imo for the end of an upper body workout. My triceps feel as full as they have ever been. Not looking forward to Thursday…some bastard triathlon looking thing.


But also ego is looking forward to completing it as a fuck you to inner voice that says it will be hard.


It’s always fun to find hidden gems in your training. Tonight I had a pretty good lateral delt pump from DB Farmers Walks to failure.