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Kleinhound's Transformation2019


I find that I can get a great brace while practicing between sets but once I’m under load I can’t do the same. Any tips?

It’s like the load inhibits my ability to expand my mid section. It’s not just on squats either.


Juggernaut has an awesome series on squatting set up, foot placement, etc.


At a guess @JMaier31 with a load you stop thinking about bracing. You probably aren’t aware of it, but it happens enough to stop you getting it. When I set up to squat and deadlift I don’t think about anything other than getting tight. Moving the bar is secondary.

  1. Incline db press 6 sec ecc. 3x6 top set 35kg
  2. 50 reps for time W 60% top load above. 20kg dbs done in 3:13 (awful experience really)
    3.1. Strict chins on fat Bar 4x12
    3.2. Trx rear fly 4x10
    Much more difficult exercise than I anticipated but I really liked it
  3. Bottoms up kb press 4x10 with 10kg kbs
  4. Fat bar curl x100 and Tricep pushdown x100
  5. DT for 3 rounds but only 60kg. This was a mistake as my arms were too pumped to do a proper clean so it was basically ugly reverse power curls. Won’t be using this conditioning wod on upper body pump days

  1. 6 sec ecc Bulgarian split squat
    5x60, 5x80, 5x80
    Then max length iso hold in a low lunge W bodyweight on each leg. Yuck.
  2. Bb hip thrusts. I don’t believe I’ve ever done these, but I actually felt these in my hams/glutes like crazy, we’ll see if they have carry over I guess. Top set 120x8 with squeeze at top
  3. Cossack squats 2x10
  4. Anti rotation band alphabet 2x
  5. 3 min farmers carries with 50% bw per hand.
    This smoked my forearms. I did three laps of the gym but no idea how far. Three set downs, hopefully next time only two.
    I love heavy single leg work, I truly think it drives my squat up more than front squatting. I think mentally I know the weight isn’t going to kill me like a proper squat Max, but it’s heavy enough that I can truly strain each leg without bitching out. And I get good quad pump.


Life update. I’ve passed all my testing so far and have my panel interview for the police lined up for next Wednesday. I am very very excited and a little nervous.


Good luck!


Metcon stuff today
Deads/rows/push press/strict chins
Farmers carries on trap bar, worked to 2x20m trips with 160kg
6 rounds
10 pushups/10 box jump/10 sit ups/10 kb row


So I have a coach, which is great because it stops me fucking around and self sabotaging. Guy I trust and and studied with, similar training philosophy to me and understands my goals.
First day hanging over the reigns.
Oh had to test DLs for estimate 1RM and pulled 190*3 tng. Happy with that.
Acclimation phase for 3 weeks
Day 1.
1- Deads 4x8 W 130
2- Bench 4x8 W 80
3- Seated db press 4x6 25kg dbs top weight
4- strict Dips 3x12
Single arm db push press 3x8 20kg
5- finisher, 3 sets 30 pushups, minimal rest but must complete 30 straight reps, can only rest in top position.
Heck, lots of pressing. Big pump. Back fried from high rep deads. Good.


Good luck this week man!

Looking forward to seeing your progress with a coach! I’ve been debating on hiring at coach at some point too…


Thanks sleep! Interview went well, an hour and a half but they told me I passed at the end which was nice, usually they keep you waiting for a while. Now it’s another wait while the integrity/background checks pour over my files etc. Then hopefully I’ll get an invite for the physical test and examination which will be a walk in the park. But it also just depend on the demographic they want for this intake as well which is really out of my hands. But I’ve done well in every test so far so that’s all I can do :slight_smile:

  1. Squats 4x8 at 130 smooth and easy
  2. Barbell hip thrust 15-12-9-6 top set 120
    Superset with
    Kb single leg Deadlift 4x6
  3. Kb walking lunges 3x15 W 20kg kb ea side
  4. 50 kb swing unbroken W 34kg. That sucked.
    I like this so far, it’s sitting in that difficult but doable rep/percent range that I rarely sit in when I program for myself. Plus I’m not favouring exercises I like. I’ve noticed there’s no bicep curls yet haha


Hopefully they want to fill their vegetarian demographic! jk. Happy for you man, my fingers will be crossed for you.


Congrats on getting a pass for this phase!

If you get a command staff interview with our department then the job is yours to lose. They cut people out based on the initial application process which includes a first contact interview.

That interview is when you go over any questions to which you answered yes in the application packet.

I think we also have an oral board/interview early in the process. The panel is a few officers and a civilian.

Was this a command staff interview or one of the preliminary ones?


Command staff my friend. Basically they write a report on my interview and it gets reviewed by the integrity board + more background checks. I’m quietly confident. I know I was top of my applicant pool in both written exams and also in the most recent computing exam


Awesome! I’ve applied and been hired by two agencies and the command staff interview was the last big step.

Congrats again and hopefully they don’t keep you waiting too long!




Trying to turn this
Vw beetle body/barina engine into a
Hummer body/Ferrari engine haha



Hey been following this log for some time now, it’s great! One favor, if you have time mind posting more of the things you eat a bit more often and if possible the macros you are taking in/looking to hit?

It’s really helpful for those of us looking to slowly shift as well especially those of us who are hesitant due to years of being told super high carb + under 1g per BW of protein is death.