kiwi culture?

ok, my karate sensei is throwing a christmas party for the club, but we’re supposed to bring something that has to do with new zealand, as that’s where he’s from. I know there are a couple people from new zealand on the board, any suggestions?

Whatever you do, don’t get him any Rugby World Cup merchandise!

haha david, i was gonna say that too. A rugby jersey of NZ or one of the clubs there is never a bad idea (although they are expensive in this country). Um, an inflatable sheep maybe?? lol, i dunno.

you have to bring something or go as something?

if you have to go as something

Im not Kiwi, but might be fun to go as a maori if you have the time and effort, paint or draw fake tattoos all over your body and face, and do a Haka (spelling is probably wrong), also throughout the night stick out your tongue and flick it up and down and open your eyes as wide as possible and look as mean as you can,

See if you can rent out the movies “once were warriors” and “whale rider” they both focus on NZ way of life…

also say fish and chips kinda like fuish and chuips hahahha

the rugby thing is a nobrainer NZ LOVE there RUGBY could go as a “tall black” the NZ basketball team beat the Australian basketball team last year and did extremely well at the world titles, that would be a good idea except unless you live in NZ/AUS or follow basketball you probably wouldnt get it…

or go as the NZ rugby LEAGUE side they are an awesome team (probably the best in the world at the moment) adn just beat australia,

hahah you know what would be best… take a fake sheep with you and fuck it… cause all Aussies know that NZers are sheep fucker hahahhahahah :smiley: (just kidding ofcourse ;))

if you have to take something, take a sheep, they got more sheep per capita then anyone in the world hence all the sheep fucker jokes