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Kitesurfing or Windsurfing?

Just wanted some opinions on which if either one of these sports I should take up.

I live in Toledo, OH so I get a lot of snowboarding ( which is my first love) in the winter in SE Michigan, but I need something to do in the rest of the year to get the adrenaline fix snowboarding gives me.

If anyone has tried the above sports or has any other ideas let me know. One thing though is I like the freedom to do things when I want and I also like to be able to do things that do not require another person.



I’ve done windsurfing… its alot of fun. I dont see it being such a huge adrenaline rush unless youre really good at it, though.

I’ve never done kitesurfing, although I’d expect the same thing. Not very adrenaline releasing unless youre really good at it.


Whatever I plan to do I am going to go hard and learn all I can to enjoy it. Just hard to find something to do here that can duplicate the feeling I get from snowboarding.


What about surfing? Check around in your area to see if they have those artificial waves places.

Skateboarding? Mountain boarding? Mountain biking?