Kisspeptin-10: Potential Alternative to hCG?

Has anyone ever heard of or have any experience using this peptide as a potential means of maintaining some degree of testicular function, while on TRT? I find some of the research behind it interesting being someone who doesn’t tolerate hcg well, but also finds some benefit in hcg as well.

“Kisspeptin (aka metastin) is a naturally occurring protein in humans that plays important roles in during puberty & reproduction. It is also thought to alter mood & behavior, promote angiogenesis, and regulate kidney function. The peptide has also been found in the brain, and is known to suppress tumor growth and metastasis (spread). The peptide is of greatest scientific interest for its ability to influence gonadotropin releasing hormone (GnHR).”

Just located these 2 video as well:

Based on these videos, can you all check my below calculation for dosing after reconstituting?

100 mcg doses, 3 times weekly i.e. 300 mcg/week

One Vial Kisspeptin-10 = 5,000 mcg

One Vial Kisspeptin-10 with 5 mL BAC water added = 5,000 mcg/5mL or 1,000 mcg/ml

1 U100 Insulin Syringe = 1 mL w/ 50 tick marks – 1 tick mark = 0.02 mL

1,000 mcg/syringe – 1,000 mcg/50 tick marks = 20 mcg/tick mark

5 iu’s or 5 tick marks = 100 mcg dose

Hey, Hostile! I’m interested in the follow up of the experiment.

It’s not as effective as hcg, but has zero side effects. Still using to this day and prefer it over gonadorelin as well.

Kiss-10 is the top of the reproductive cascade. The issue is it needs to be given every 2 hours via an insulin pump to mimic its natural pulsatile delivery. Dr. Seminara from MGH/Harvard has some fascinating literature studies on it.

Yeah, a definite downside. I inject 100 mcg every 2 hours.