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Wondering if Keep it Simple Stupid would work through a direct line through T-Dawg and Massive Eating. Just a question for some of the more knowledgble forumites.

I was wondering why one can not,for mass or cutting phases just change the amount of carbs one is ingesting. Say keep protein at 1.5g per lb, and fat at 150g. So when I want to cut weight, just drop carbs to 100g or so. Then when I want to gain weight, add more carbs, maybe to around 400g. But keep protein at 1.5g per lb, and fat at 150g. Of course this will change the total calories. And as one loses/gains weight they refigure the amount of protein to eat.

So is there a simple reason this won’t work, that I’m overlooking? Do we really need all these different types of diets?

sounds like a plan coach.

i would like an answer to this question as well…

Sounds like a plan to me as well. However, to answer your secondary question (as to why all these different diets are needed), you won’t be able to do stuff like manipulate insulin via refeeds as well using your approach. So getting a specific effect from something like Joel’s CD-EDT protocol isn’t going to be a possibility.

In other words, your approach will probably work for you, but there are other methods that can yield better and/or more rapid changes in your physique.

Thanks for the responses, Char, Goldberg and Dave.

I like it. I think there are far too many diets in existence.