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KISS Workout


Hi guys,

Just thought I'd post this workout I'm merging into next for anyone interested. It's very simple. First day (Mon) max effort, Wed is repeated effort, and Fri is speed day. But I use EDT parameters for max strength, which are 15 sets of one rep, 85-90% 1rm, 60s rest.

They are all full-body...and I use bodybuilding type exercises for day 2, and on day 3 I use complexes.

I am doing Perfect 10 (front delts and biceps) with this, and I am taking 16 credit-hours of class with lots of study time, so the goal is to be out of the gym in about 20-30 min at most. I think it will be effective and fun! What do you think?

PS: Posted this in beginners because there isn't a "Bodybuilding" type forum any more...and I am under 35 so I just stuck it in here. I've been training for over 2 years though so I like to think of myself as intermediate.


Day 1: EDT Strength Parameters (15x1)

A1 Deadlift, No rest
A2 Close-grip incline barbell bench press, 60s rest

Day 2: Repeated Effort (3xAMAP, 60s rest)

A1. Gironda Dip
A2. Sternum pull-up

B. Front Squat

C. Waterbury Walk (1xAMAP)

Day 3: Speed Work/Complexes

Bent-over row
Power clean
Front squat
Push press
Back jump squat
Good morning

6 reps of each
Rest 90s
5 reps of each
Rest 90s
4 reps of each
Rest 90s
3 reps of each
Rest 90s
2 reps of each
Rest 90s
1 rep of each


I first started reading this and thought "pfah, good luck!"

Once I really read it I realized that it's damn good for the time pressed lifter, covers all the bases and if your conditioning isn't better by the end of the cycle it'll be because you died, cuz day three looks simply brutal.


Ya know, I just realized I had bodybuilding and strength sports forums turned off in my preferences for some mysterious reason, or I would have posted it there.

This definitely isn't a beginner routine IMO.

skidmark, keep in mind I'm going for growth in my delts and biceps via CW's Perfect 10, so the goal for 'most everything else is strength and consequential hypertrophy.

Thanks for the compliment. My goal is to use about 125 lbs on day 3 and progress by adding 5 lbs a week.

It's Alwyn Cosgrove's routine, btw, for day 3.

I did a similar type of thing when I was shredding recently, and it worked wonders. I did an A-B split Staley style, one straight lifting day and one complex day, and lots of HIIT, and shed 20 lbs in about 9 weeks.




How is it EDT if rest period are set to 60seconds ?


Staley calls it EDT, so it is called EDT.

The EDT most people are familiar with is called EDT for hypertrophy...this is his max strength version.

You attempt to perform 15x1 with 85-90% 1RM, with 60s rest...when you achieve that, bump it up 5%.

I credit the 3rd day to Alwyn Cosgrove, btw.