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Kirkland Signature Arimidex?

I have a question for y’all. I have used generic Nolvadex (tamoxifen citrate tabs) before and I know a couple guys that have used real gear and relying on the same tabs to stop bitch tits in its tracks. I’m comfortable with this generic, but I’m not sure is this will apply for the dex. Does anyone have any experience using a generic? My main concern is accuracy of the dosage.

If that’s the Costco generic you’re talking about, you should have no worries.

Now what sort of dosage did you have in mind?

Gotta love Costco.

I used the Kirland Signature to represent a generic. sorry for the confusion. They are 1mg pill and I will use .25mg EOD or accordingly if I start getting puffy. I just want to bring a spork to a knife fight. You know. I want my stuff to work. Mainly I want to trust that the .25mg is .25mg of dex.

Yeah for a minute I was like damn I didn’t know Costco carried that. Silly

Why not just use a research chem? Cheaper, easier to use, under the radar, and just as effective-- possibly more depending on the legitimacy of your “generic” product.


yet again sorry guys about the misnomer. I have no experience with research chemicals but I have plenty of time to research them before the day comes. Thanks again fellers!

Research chemicals are almost the only smart way to go, especially if you live in the good ole USA.