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Kirk Karwoski’s Old Training Footage

This was posted last week and the channel has other old training footage of others. I am not a powerlifter but I admired this guy ever since I knew of him, and I’ve discussed him several times on these forums. He had an amazing physique.

I just watched this last night. Dude was a beast with a great physique. I have heard stories of him that make him sound like a total douche though. Reportedly if someone was using his squat rack he would walk up and tell them to leave. If they were still there after a couple minutes he would allegedly start throwing plates at them (big ones too I guess).

Yea that’s a cunt move.

But did he leave them laying out and about?

Seriously though, that guy was a beast! Pretty simple squat session too.

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I watched an interview in which he said that. I believe he acted like a jerk but I doubt he was chucking plates in public gyms.

Haven’t you advocated something similar for people that use their phones in the gym?

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In jest dude… good grief. But yea phone zombies are annoying. There’s even a T Nation article on those douchebags

You believe silly things :slight_smile:

I would view that as a definite assault. Seems if that was regular behavior he would get arrested.

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Exactly! That’s what I think.

I also remember a video in which JL Holdsworth and Dave Tate we’re discussing WS Barbell and JL said he changed the time he trains because some guy in either the night or day crew wouldn’t fight him and he wouldn’t train with such a person. Give me a break, lol. I believe there were fights, hazing, and rough housing at WSB from what I’ve viewed and read, but some tough guy talk strikes me as edgelording.



Very cool video. 600x8 no belt no wraps very nice

I can’t prove that it was the mustache…but it’d be hard to prove it wasn’t …


My favorite video of him is the one where he mixes that Met-RX protein with Coors Light and downs it like a champ. Dude was a unit.


I’m thinking at least 25% is owing to the short shorts

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I think these are fake videos. Any recorded footage of Kirk would have instantaneously combusted from rage and intensity and been released into the universe as screams.

So he mixed it with water.

That would have been natty light lol

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