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Kirk Karwoski Rows


Anyone know here there is a video being done? I just want to make sure I have the technique right. Also has anyone ever used them and benefited alot?


i feel like by n ow you should have a serious back. I think ive only seen u start threads about back/make comments about wanting a 3D upper back hahah XD





OP - what is your current back routine?

Are you still creaming over Tom Hardy?

Also, can you explain what these rows are, I have not heard of them before.


Eh, it's just another question due to a TNation article.



Let's guess at what it is

I bet you suspend yourself supine between the TEX things or rings and grab the bar. Which is also suspended in front of you and then you swim move toward it and row it to your nose


A desorption of it is in this article



The guy pictured above did, primarily for lockout and grip strength (especially when using a thumbless grip) and credits his 800 pound deadlift to them. (Similar reasons Matt Kroc had for "inventing" Kroc rows. Let's think on that for a sec.)

I haven't used Karwoski rows (sometimes called "grip shrugs") but they seem pretty similar to "Haney shrugs" - behind the back Smith machine shrug/rows - just done in front of the body. As long as you don't get stupid with the weight and form, why not give them a shot for a few weeks and see how it goes.

Technique-wise, dude, it's a shrug variation. I can't imagine how you could be screwing it up that badly. Shrug, some arm pull, hold for 2-count, lower, repeat.

This is funny, and sad, and funny.

I hadn't caught any before but I just double-checked and, really, six different threads in six months all about back training. Everyone's goals are their own thing, but getting some perspective might be worthwhile.


Here's a video, took me awhile to find it the other day.


Since I wanted Tom Hardys back yes I have ade alot of progressin...thanks for enquiring so kindly :smiley:


How do you plan on taking his back from him?



If building a cobra-like yoke is your ONLY goal from six months now, why DA FUCK you don't have it already? it can't be so complicated...


My back has moved on alot since I started. When I first wanted a big upper back it looked like this


Now it looks like this. Its not huge, but its progressed alot


Couple of months ago


I thought it was you in your avatar, and assumed you were just a pessimistic perfectionist.


Haha im afraid not. But the back in my avatar is the look im aiming for.


What's the name of the guy in your avatar if you happen to know?


Tom Hardy