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Kirk Karwoski On Booting Dweebs Out of His Squat Racks




the video isn't showing up?




He comes off like a real dick when talking about throwing people out of the squat rack. I don't care how accomplished he is, if he's not exaggerating, he's just using his size/strength to bully people.

He wasn't even talking about people using the rack improperly, he said anyone using it would be thrown out. Bullshit. They pay money to be there, and I'm willing to bet at least some of them are very serious about training.


How about now?


Fair points. But I don't think he was referring to people who wanted to train seriously but weren't experienced as he. I think he was referring to people who "clog up" gyms, as I like to say.


He didn't mention any type of person specifically, so I took it to mean any person. But if he was reffering to people who half-ass it and waste space, he comes off as a hero and not as a bully.


Plus sometimes when I'm in the gym I think that would be kinda cool to do - boot people out of squat racks. You're telling you haven't been so frazzled because you were so hyped up and looking forward to working out, only to have to wait in rush hour traffic, change, AND THEN... wait for 15 minutes while some jackass does curls or 1/4 squats supersetted with texts and phone call?!


Sounds like a real fucking asshole. If you're in a public gym, you wait your turn, just like everybody else.

Hearing this meathead ramble on reminds me of that scene in "Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story" where that jock tells Bruce to get off his equipment because it's 3pm. It didn't turn out all that well for him in the end.


Yeah, he mentions guys talking about chicks they banged at a kegger. So I think he means people in crowds not focused on lifting.


He's a beast .. good post Brick


Sounds like an asshole. An accomplished powerlifting asshole, but an asshole none-the-less.


Did you guys watch all the way through? At first he does say the stuff about kicking you out, but then he sorta qualifies it by talking about how he doesn't want to listen to half-assers there to socialize. Not EXACTLY qualifying it, but good enough for me.

Then it goes on a tangent about the brotherhoodliness of powerlifting, so... that stuff sounded pretty cool.

I recall seeing a similar video with like interviews and what not; is this from a series or one big DVD or something?


You people are seriously telling me you wouldn't want to boot some people out or chuck a dime at some (not at the head) that were just taking up space half asleep chatting on a phone?!


It's from the documentary Power Unlimited.


All I got from this video is, if you're not serious about training/busting ass and he needs to use that rack your ass is going to get talked to or booted the fuck out :).

Now how hard was that to understand?


if someone came to use my rack when I'm using it with aggression like that.. even if i'm taking an extended rest between sets etc.. I'd put a 45lb plate through their head.

In a public gym.. you wait your turn or ask if you can use it in a decent manner.


Middle school was just so fun, Kirk never wanted to grow up!


Don't ever work in a gym champ.


I never have a problem getting rabble out of the rack when I need it. Just bring a ton of shit with you, usually I have wraps, belt, water, training log, towel, sometimes bands, put it all down beside the rack, start rolling your wraps and give the clown taking up air in the rack a few critical looks. Most stutter out a remark like, I'm almost done, just one more quick set, and move on fairly quickly.

Note I said rabble, if there is actually someone squatting in there, or doing heavy jerks or something worthwhile, I sit patiently and wait.