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Kirk Cameron, YOU FAIL


I think most of us here have seen the Kirk Cameron "banana video" and laughed at the ridiculous assault on reason he and his associate present. If not, here it is..."the athiest's nightmare"..

Now, to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Origin of Species, Kirk has created a 50 page "forward" (rebuttal) to the book and has created a special, balanced edition to hand out at University campuses around the country. In it, he associates Darwin with Hitler, and exposes his racism and sexism...

I'm actually open to the idea of a creator/higher power, but the way Kirk and his buddy go about this is pretty disgusting...

1.) You can't denounce scientific discovery based on the personal beliefs of the scientist or how people interpret the work over the years. (By "scientific discovery" I mean peer reviewed and exhaustively tested). I don't care if Darwin sodomized goats and hung pentagrams from his balls...his work has stood up to scientific scrutiny, again and again, for well over a century. Trying to mudsling Darwin with irrelevant accusations so many years after his death is beyond pathetic.

2.) He complains that the Gideons can't hand out bibles in public schools. Well, Mike Seaver, we live in a country with diverse religions, beliefs and ethnic backgrounds. Heaven forbid we aim to make PUBLIC schools religiously impartial, giving each student a moment of silence at the beginning of each day to pray to whichever god they choose. You want biblical study, join a biblical school. There are lots to choose from.

3.) I wonder how Kirk would feel to a "special edition" of the bible being handed out at schools, with a huge rebuttal stuck to the front. Rest assured it would be far more than 50 pages in length.

I really think Kirk, and a lot of other creationists are going about their arguments the wrong way. You aren't going to convince any reasonable person that Darwin was a quack. Its just not going to happen. I think they might do better to come to terms with the fact that a.) the Bible shouldn't be taken literally....it is a haphazardly-assembled collection of parables that has been subject to translation upon translation, and that if it was indeed "God's Word" that a good deal of that word has been jumbled up over the centuries, b.) Evolution exists and c.) Just because evolution has been proven, it does not mean that God does not exist....it could very well be the mechanism of a higher power.

Roe v. Wade: 42 Years in the Past

Where's Boner?


Boner Stabone reference wins every time.




I have not seen the Kirk Cameron video referenced, but these evolutionism vs creationism threads always get very heated.

What really blows my mind is that other "facts" from the Bible are no longer disputed as false, yet creationism and Biblical literalism are still so hotly defended.

For example, the Bible states that the Earth is flat. Scientists who posited that the earth is a sphere were excommunicated. Do Biblical literalists still believe the Earth is flat?

The Bible also unequivocally states that the sun revolves around the Earth; the earth is the center of the Universe. Copernicus and Galileo were excommunicated for proving otherwise. Do the Biblical literalists still believe that the Earth is the center of the universe and that the solar system revolves around the Earth rather than the sun?

How does creationism differ from the notion that the earth is flat, or that the sun revolves around the Earth?


I also do believe that evolution and a higher power are not mutually exclusive ideas.

Though, I will state for the record that I am at best an agnostic.



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This is a very good point, that I had never considered before. Nice observation.

But yeah, Kirk Cameron really is a douche
P.S. I like Iron Dwarf's new avatar


Every Bible should come with THE AGE OF REASON attached to it.


Where does the bible state that the earth is flat and that the sun revolves around the earth?


i'm curious how he would react to this.

this is how i open bananas. its much more efficient, and works despite the ripeness of the banana.

i like how "it fits in your mouth" is part of his Creationism argument. what?


Man, I went to a christian highschool and my bible teacher showed us that banana video like it was supposed to prove an amazing point....It blew my mind, but not in the way she intended.


This whole banana argument is pretty stupid. Most people don't know that bananas have been 'domesticated' by humans. So called 'Wild' bananas are completely different.




Everyone has their own opinions....creationists get hated on all day everyday...why can't people just believe what they believe and just take other peoples beileifs as a opinionated desicion?


Actually most non-religious people like me keep it to ourselves and don't go around trying to convert people to what i believe. If people want to follow a religion and believe in it, then all the power to them. The problem is that they start to push their beliefs on me.


I would agree with this, and also that many religious people try to force their unscientific beliefs onto the school system, perpetuating the ignorance of our kids when it comes to competing with the rest of the world.....




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Kirk Cameron and the like are people you just laugh at and ignore. There's really nothing more to it.


Don't know many environmentalists or union stewards, do ya?