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Kirill Sarychev Highest Raw Total Ever?

You might think I have a raging hard on for Russian powerlifters after my post on Yury Belkin…

Yes its tru I do inappropriately appreciate Russian Powerlifters. Today’s big raging hard on is for another big Russian lifter and they don’t come any bigger than Kirill Sarychev of all time world record raw bench press fame. You’ve probably seen the video but I’m putting it here anyway so we can all appreciate this lift again.

Looked submaximal and probably was by a bit. Many russian lifters seem to train at lower percentages, almost conservatively, and compete similarly with grinders rare. The 750 benchmark will probably fall next time Sarychev feels like it but this isn’t the main topic of this post.

While Bench is obviously the standout lift the man is no bench only powerlifter and Sarychev’s other lifts while not impressive for his weight class were enough to get him an unofficial world record raw total.

Admittedly his use of the monolift/no walk out, 4th squat attempt, lifting in an untested fed (WRPF) etc. makes for difficulty in comparing with Ray Williams’ 1105kg/2436lb total. Regardless I count it as at least in stature to Ray Williams’ total if not in the record books just yet.

From the vid I’d say Sarychev is good for 350/320/380kg (770/705/837lbs) Total 1050kg/2314lb any day of the week never mind after a decent peak having put months into accumulation and intensification. This is a very conservative estimate given: he hit 360/320/402.5kg (793/705/887lbs) Total 1082.5kg/2386.5lbs in the vid meet, is fairly young in powerlifting terms and this was almost a full year ago.

IMO Ray Williams’ squat is much better than Sarychev’s, maybe even the best in the world, but not so much so that it’ll offset a near 100kg/220lb difference in Bench Press especially with Sarychev’s squat improving and their deadlifts being close.

So the question is does Sarychev’s current record total “count” in your opinion and why/not and what kind of potential world record totals are we expecting this guy to hit? May as well squeeze in here as well: Thoughts on whether an 800lb raw bench possible?

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Don Reinhoudt totalled a raw 2391 with ace bandages in 1975. Squatted ( No fucking monolift) 934.5 in 1976 with no knee wraps. Benched 607.5 wth a 2 second pause and deadlifted 885.5 in 1975.

In training Don inclined 575, deadlifted 950 (tripled 900). Don was aso an olympic lifter and an accomplished strongman competitor.

While admittedly, Kyrill is a beast, he has a way to go before he is a legend. And Williams, though a squatting machine is not close to Reinhoudts numbers in the Bench and Deadlift.

If Reinhoudt were competing today with today’s wraps, and quick pauses he would be at

1000, 625, 950 - 2575

Human strength potential hasn’t chnaged much IMO.

Flame suit on.


That’s strong af

If only such beasts could compete today.

Where did you find these numbers? A quick glance at his wikipedia page, admittedly not the most reliable source, shows different numbers. Perhaps you are referring to his gym/unoffical records not done under meet conditions or full SBD?

His meet totals are still up there and maybe with the assistance of some special edition SBD Knee sleeve would be on par with the present day records.

Sarychev wasn’t squatting in wraps. He also benched 738, which is the lift he is mostly known for.

Of course it counts, it’s just in a different category than drug-tested records. An 800 bench is theoretically possible, but nobody is about to hit that anytime soon.

That’s why we are talking about total records and not records for individual lifts. Sarychev can get away with a not-so-great squat and deadlift just because of his bench, the only other guys coming close to his bench are bench-only lifters.

He is the president of the WRPF

Read my post again:

Those numbers are my opinion of what he would be able to do today with knee wraps.

so…fake plates Brad Dingleberry world records all day lel

Please read my post again - Reinhoudt squatted 934.5 with NO WRAPS.

I see. My bad.

I don’t think wraps would add 70-80 odd lbs to deadlift tho

Ok, but you said

So it sounded like you thought that Sarychev was squatting in wraps. Anyway, as I said he doesn’t have a great squat or deadlift but the combination of those with his unbelievably strong bench is what makes it a WR total. Wraps, monolifts, and deadlift bars are a few things that make it impossible to accurately compare old time lifters with the current guys. It makes you wonder though, how much more would Malanichev squat out of a monolift? He says that his gym doesn’t have one and it takes a while to learn how to use it properly so he’s going to keep walking out his squats. Another guy named Vlad Alzahov recently beat Malanichev’s squat WR with 500kg, but it was out of a monolift. Did he actually break the record or not? This kind of thing is what makes PL complicated, too many different sets of rules and different equipment.

and it was high and didn’t count, so who cares? A red-lighted lift is not worth mentioning when we’re talking about best lifts of all time.

he tripled 900 but couldn’t do better than mid 800’s in competition? Sure. I know he MISSED 900 three times in 1 meet. Are you sure that’s not what you’re thinking of?

Anyway. I don’t think khangles even mentioned the word legend. Nor human strength potential. SO everything you’re saying here is irrelevant to the topic at hand anyway. All he asked was, does the meet count (of course it does) and what is this guy’s potential (a lot because he’s young). Great that your hard-on for Reinhoudt is as big as Khangles hard-on for the Russian lifters though.


Time to do some more research.

His highest total was 937-606-886 = 2429

The 934 squat got two white lights - there is a clip on youtube. At that particular meet he went 934-606-850 = 2394 (actual weight 2391).

Now for my opinion on whether his lift counts sure it does, but big fucking deal. Powerlifting is so fractionalized that we can no longer compare lifts or lifters.

Finally next time you try to insult someone and call them out do some research and get yourself some facts. This seems to be a recurring problem on this forum and the internet i general. Without facts your opinion is worth dogshit.

“sounded like you thought” - READ MAN! Where did I say that Kyrill used wraps? NOWHERE.

NO ONE mentioned using wraps for the deadlift. And no, they wouldn’t do shit for the conventional deadlift anyway.

For the sumo, if you use a dive or a modified dive style, you could conceivably get some assistance which is the same reason some guys wear suits for sumo. The conventional however is just caveman strength.

So what does it matter what Don Reinhoudt totalled in wraps? Why even mention that? People have benched more than Kirill Sarychev using bench shirts, is that also relevant to the discussion?

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My point which I made at the end of my first post (god don’t you guys on this forum bother to read before you pontificate?)

“Human strength potential hasn’t changed much IMO”


I can’t make it any easier for you to understand. THE HUMAN BEING HAS NOT BECOME MARKEDLY STRONGER IN MY OPINION.

Clear enough???

Did you forget to take your meds this morning? Nobody said that “The human being has become markedly stronger”, it’s just obvious that many recent athletic achievements have surpassed those in the past. Whatever anyone did before, nobody benched over 700 raw. Trying to calculate what someone would have lifted with modern day wraps or a monolift is a waste of time. Go jerk off to some Don Reinoudt videos if that’s what gets excites you.

“Did you forget to take your meds this morning?”

That’s telling me!

Man, I’m really excited to see how quickly this went from a thread about some guy hitting a great total to an argument about wraps and gear.

Never change powerlifting; you’re amazing.