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Kipping Pull Ups are for girls?? KK says different:


Read the comment by Konstantin Konstantinov on the following video:

pullups with bands(mini monsters),
bands start from 35kg and in up position give about 60kg
I do ONLY kipping pullups last 25 years
127kg(280lb) BW

In the top position (the hardest bit for most people) that's 187kg of resistance and he hits 14 reps. I've never heard of anything stronger - definitely beats Terry Hollands' 7 chin ups at 180kgbw.

Before anyone says what's this got to do with powerlifting - He's obviously using it as an assistance exercise for something - no idea what though. Ideas???

Any idea why KK obviously thinks kipping pullups (resisted or not) are superior to weighted chins??

Check this out as well

My own experience is that if I train exclusively with kipping chins and increase them then my strict form chins go up too.


because he's found that over many years of training, that is a movement that has value to him


Maybe he just enjoys the more explosive and fullbody kipping.


building what lift? why specifically with the kip?

I think it might have something to do with the way he deadlifts with a rounded upper back...


It builds his lats and upper back. Both are important for a strong squat, bench press, and deadlift.


Not being rude but ... well duh!

Lots of powerlifters never bother with chins. From reading Storm on the Beach's log he rarely if ever does them - and if he does it will be with a band. So it's just interesting that some feel they can do without them entirely and others always have them in their programs

I guess I just wanted to start a discussion on chin ups because I think they're freaking awesome, and I think KK's video of his chins is pretty amazing.


KK is being too hard on himself. Those aren't kipping pullups, these are kipping pullups:


Is this deepthroat practice?

In all seriousness, KK's form is obviously much more strict than say someone who performs them as in that video.


Matt Kroc doesn't exactly use textbook form either and is an 800+ lbs deadlifter. If you find a pullup form you feel works for you, use it. Powerlifting is about how much you squat, bench, and deadlift, your form on everything else is all about doing what will help increase those three.


First thing I noticed was how explosively he does the movement which would seem to make sense for a powerlifter. And he gets extreme ROM at the top, which may carryover.

As long as "kipping" allows you to move more weight with more speed, I don't have any issue with them. At all.


I do them with a band because:

  1. As of recently I am weighing over 290lbs
  2. My "pull-up bar" is a 4inch by 4inch support beam in the middle of my rack

I like doing them once in a while because I feel like veritcal pulling makes my upper back/rotators work a little harder. I get a much bigger carryover from HEAVY horizontal rows though. Plus, I could probably bang out a shit load of dead floppy fish out of water pull-ups but I don't really see the point and I don't like looking like too much of an asshole when I am training.


I don't really like being a form nazi, but in my opinion there comes a point at which kipping pull up stop being a pull up. Konstantinov is pretty far away from that point.


Konstantinov is doing what's called a "true kip." The CrossFit kip (shown in that other video) is a bastardization of it.

No extraneous movement. It's just a simple hyperextension of the shoulders-hips, and then a powerful contraction of the shoulders/hips. This means you're training the body to do pull-ups in the most biomechanically advantageous way... working both shoulder adduction AND shoulder extension. You pull UP, but you also pull BACK, which is something most lifters don't know how to do (incidentally why most lifters can't do a simple front lever: http://www.beastskills.com/uploads/beastskills/image/FrontLeverMain.jpg ).

A lot of lifters, even powerlifters, are too used to training pull-ups as a muscle-exercise rather than a complex movement pattern, and this is why they can't pull a lot of weight with it. They've never trained the motor pattern in the most economical/efficient way. This is also why gymnasts can strap on 200lbs and still knock pull-ups out for reps.


Great post. Where can I read more about this?


Awesome post - I knew I was right (for once)