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Kip Up

Hi everyone

What muscles would i need to improve so i could finally do a kip up.Ive been trying these bad boys for a few years now on every surface trampoline,bed,floor,grass but i just cant get upright enough.I land on my feet but then my back hits the ground with a big thud from falling backwards :frowning: .
Any tips apart from the ones in “exercises uve never tried”

Im 6 feet 4 so i dont know if height has anything to do with it?

Many thanks

yea i also want to train for them. I dont know what to do though, i am thinking that doing wall walks would help but to tell you the truth i honestly dont kno.

If your feet hit correctly, then you probably are not bringing your torso upright fast enough.

A few things I have used in the past to teach people kips:

  1. Decline situps. Do them as fast as possible, but keep your torso straight. Yes, this is bad situp form, but it helps you learn how to bring your torso up quickly.

  2. Practice off the edge of a table or pile of mats. Lay on the table, and let your hips and legs hang off the edge. The extra distance (18"-24") will give you more time to get your upper body in position.

Also, a lot of it is practice.

I would take a guess and say that you would want to be able to explode through with the hips(ie the whole postior chain), and then have the rest of the body strong enough to complete the motion. Having some balance wouldnt hurt either Im sure…

I don’t know how much of a strength thing it is as opposed to a technique thing. It took me many tries before I got it. I eventually got to where I could do it without my hands.


also try doing backsummersalts to hand stands, this may help too,
I think I may be explaining the wrong though

There is virtually no strength required for the easiest version of the kip-up; it’s technique.

Google it, find a video, and just practice on a mat until you get it. It takes some people 15 minutes, takes others longer (took me at least two weeks, LOL) --just keep at it and keep trying to improve your technique even if it doesn’t feel like it’s doing any good, and suddenly you’ll just get it. Then it’s like riding a bike…

At the beginning, things that will help you are:

  • Kicking fast and getting your feet under you as fast as possible.

  • Pushing really hard off your hands to assist.

Well, I had problems doing the kip up last year,and what i was doing wrong was kicking and pushing at the same time, u need to kick then push , that should carry you, im a weak bastard tbh and i can do them, so can you1!!:stuck_out_tongue:

Visualize. You don’t want to advance forward on the kip, you want to remain in the same relative position you start in. Focus on getting your body into as much of a reverse “U” shape as possible. No back flexibility? That might be a problem. Start bridging.

Don’t let your hips collapse downward (i.e. lose the reverse “U” shape) at any point during the movement. The force of the hips/pelvis driving upwards is going to drag the rest of your body along with. Picture a rope tied around your waist which pulls the body upwards as you execute.

Use stretch-shortening as well. Swing your legs back quickly in order to explode back up more violently.

The kip is really simple. Once you actually nail it, which you most certainly will with practice, you’ll wonder how you ever failed to do it. I no longer have much need to kip, haven’t trained the kip in years, yet I can easily do a no-hand kip on demand. You just need a base level of strength (which almost every non-fatty already has). Beyond that, it’s just proper technique.