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For the warm-up set that goes along with each exercise, does King intend for you to use a weight that you can handle for 10 reps, or are you meant to use a lighter weight and just use the set to stretch the muscles that you’re about to work?

By the way, I’m referring to King’s “Bring the Pain” programs.

King’s warm-up recommendations are based on percentages relative to the first work set. The first exercise of the day usually receives more warm-up sets such as 1x10 at 40%, 1x8 at 60%, 1x6 at 80%. Number of warm-up sets are also determined by the complexity of the lift i.e. number of muscle groups involved, load relative to 1RM, etc. Exercises later in the workout may only require 1x5-6 at 50%. Check out his ‘Limping’ series or ‘12 Weeks to Super Strength’ to see how he prescribes warm-up sets for various muscle groups and exercises.