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King's Twelve Weeks Program

Has anybody tried out King’s “Twelve Weeks to Super Strength” Program? I looking for a new program starting this Monday and was planning to club it with his “limping” series.

Yup, i didnt do the legs, but i did the chest back, awesome gains. Its so humbling though, if you do it right, in the first phase where you bench last, you use a rediculously low weight, i was using like 35% of my 1 RM.

I had done the twelve weeks and his bring on the pain. different workouts, excellent results. Its been about a year but i believe my bench went up by about 20%. My lagging back also got much stronger. Good luck!

Can someone link me to this workout? I can only find Limping Into whatever, which is purely a leg workout.

Search in the 2000 Archives for “Twelve Weeks to Super Strength”