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King's Super Strength Questions



I'm just coming back from a long time off due to injury (separated AC joint in shoulder) and am looking for a good program to rebuild my upper body. Has anybody tried Ian King's 12 weeks to super strength program for chest and back? How'd it work for ya'?

Other questions: do people think this is a good program for me to start back with? In some ways it seems like a program for people who are stuck in a rut of bench, rows, etc. and need some variety to break through plateaus, not someone who's just starting out again. On the other hand, the non-conventional exercises allow me to ease into it, particularly with bench (really bad for the AC). Anybody got any thoughts on this?

Question 2: If my ONLY concern right now is upper body (been working lower body all along) is this program focused enough on that? I really want to get in form as soon as possible. Any thoughts, suggestion? Thanks for your help,


Dave Tate writes for this site often. His website sells a training manual on how to begin training following an injury-specifically for the bench. It is in one of his training manuals and can be purchased very cheap-it is good advice for someone that has been hurt as you have...give Dave a holler and he will help you out.


Hey, thanks very much for the info. Not to sound like a 'tard but I'm a bit confused though: is there a specific book about bench press injuries or is there a section in one? I went over to elitefitness's site (that is the one you meant, right?) and couldn't find it. But maybe I'm an idiot, I'll look again later. Thanks again for the reply. Anybody else got any ideas on this plan? I did the first workout a few days ago and it went well. Had to really restrain myself from pushing to hard though. Thanks,