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Kings of the Kegs - 2-22-14

Anyone planning on doing this show in Arkansas?

Does that mean no?

Nothing to add except that is an awesome name for show.

Ya, the events are:

Keg Toss
Keg Press
Keg Load
Keg Carry
Conan’s Wheel (weighted by kegs)

sounds dope, hope you have fun.

If I lived remotely close to the area I would love to do such a contest. Unfortunately, I’m 1000+ miles away. Good luck and post a contest recap on here.

Well, since you asked…

Overall, I was disappointed in the day because placing 3rd isn’t very successful. More than that because on three of the five events, it was such a small margin between the top three guys and I couldn’t seem to be on the winning end of any of them.

Keg Press

This was harder than I had trained because their kegs had sand in them that shifted a lot while you cleaned it up. I hit the 188 keg easy, 200 easy, and got the 220 once. The winner got a very impressive three reps on the last keg. I had to settle with a tie for 2nd.

Conan’s Wheel

This was a little different in than it was a max weight for one revolution. Also, they went one competitor at a time and you did all three of your attempts with a couple minutes between each one. Also, your jumps had to be between 50 and 100 pounds. When I was up, the winning weight was 605, so I did 510 with the intention of going 610 on my second. I did both of those fairly easy and grinded out a 710 on my third. This took first place and actually would have won the heavy weights as well.

Keg Carry

Going into this event, I was in first place. I was really wanting to win this so that I could go last on the deadlift and know what I needed. I didn’t work out that way though. This was a really light keg carry medley that turned into a sprint among the top few guys. If I remember right, I was .28 of a second behind out of first. Third place

Deadlift for reps

I didn’t find out until the night before that keg toss was thrown out for this because of an apparent inability to find pony kegs. I’m not sure I would have done a lot more reps if I would have trained it, but I would have at least had an idea of what to expect out of myself going into it. We had to rep out 405. I did 23 reps, and the winner for this event did 25 right after me. Second place.

Keg Load

Again, this was a really light keg load run. It was five kegs from 188 to 260 and turned into a race between the top few guys. I one motion loaded the first three to try to save time. Looking back, I wish I would have tried to one motion the fourth but was being a bit conservative. The fifth keg very slightly slipped out of my lap before I loaded it, and it probably cost me. I was a second or two out of first place I think. Third place.

Overall, I wish the meet would have been heavier, but I don’t say that to take away from the guys that beat me. They’re both very good lifters. While it’s pretty humbling to place third out of six guys, I know both of them are very strong. I just wish I could have been a little bit faster on either the carry or load or got a couple more reps on the deadlift. Otherwise, I’m planning on doing my first powerlifting meet in a month, but I’m really looking forward to the KSM in May.