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Kings Mass Training Section

This is very basic, the plan is to gain a solid foundation. Shooting for 7-10lbs in 10 weeks, all natural…

bench press 8/4
Incline. 8/4
Fly’s. 10/2

Squat. 8/4
Front squat 8/4
Lunges. 10/2

Deadlift. 8/4
Pull ups 10/4
Shrugs. 10/2

Power clean. 12/4
Power clean half reps 8/2

Any advice is greatly appreciated,

Any have any advice? My stats, 6ft, 160lbs, natural lifting, my goal is to bulk up 7-10lbs and get a good diet/training foundation for AAS

180g pro
50g fat
400g car

Eat a lot of good food and get strong in the 6-15 rep range with controlled form using mainly big movements

Train hard

Sleep well and drink a lot of water

That’s pretty much it