King's Limping & Chest/Back

First, I want to say that this site is fantastic. I have learned more in a month or so reviewing this site than I have since I started lifting back in 1985. I just started doing Ian King’s Limping series in conjunction with his Chest/Back series. For those that have done these routines - I notice that there is no ab and/or calf work in any of the routines. Have you augmented these routines to include exercises for those areas or have you followed the routine without any modifications? If you have modified the routine, what changes did you make?

I appreciate any feedback.

David, I incorporated Ian King’s Ab Training with the “Limping” program and “Super Strength”. I actually just got finished with the 12 week programs, and the results were awesome. I didn’t incorporate any calve work in there as I felt that recovery should be focused on my upper body, quads and hams. Good luck with the program and let me know how it goes. Peace.

Yes, I did calves after every leg workout. One day would be with the legs bent and the other would be with the legs straight, as prescibed in one of the articles in the reader mail I think. I also trained abs every time I worked out, first before anything else.