King's Book of Muscle/Intermediate Program

Any one else doing this workout?

I have to say I always feel a bit wierd doing a couple of the sets in his programs, but I can’t ever disagree with the results.

I did have trouble with one of the exercises. Single Leg Squats,Other Leg in Front. This seemed to put too much torque on my knee. The book suggests using a swiss ball, what do you think?

I have the same knee issues with that movement (also known as a “pistol”). What has helped me is to do a “box” pistol. I suppose that’s a similar suggestion to going onto a Swiss ball, but unless you can wedge the Swiss into a corner or something, I would think that it would just roll out from under your butt as you sat back. Instead, I do these onto a bench. I increase ROM by standing on plates. It’s a great exercise and worth mastering. Eventually I hope to do these freestanding - no box, no holding onto anything.