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Kings arm training and limping

Hi all new poster here.
Been reading alot of veiws on Kings traing series, and was woundering if you can use the Great Guns work out with the limping series. I know I read that you can use the limping series with the upper body. ok a few stats.
5’11’’ 198 at around 12%. I have been using the H.I.T. program for 6 months, no size increase only strength. I finally dropped it. And starting a bulking phase now and would like the feed back on the training. Sorry no pics as of yet.

It’s possible HIT does not work for you but I doubt it. I have been lifting for 20 years, 16 of it or so your typical high volume style. Just before I started HIT, I bought some of Poliquins books and started his arm program. I believe it was 3 exercises for biceps/triceps each x 4 sets. I did this religiously for 6 weeks while maintaining a very high protein consumption etc.

What happened? My arms got smaller. Let’s face it, for the genetically average Joe, this is way too much volume for such small bodyparts. When starting HIT, I never worked arms directly and I gained at least an inch on my arms and gained 15 lbs of lean mass total. Now someone would look at me and say that I am genetically gifted (6’1" @ 210lbs, 8% bf). I have had my arms up to 18" (I do work biceps once per week since they do not get as much indirect work as triceps, but only 2 or 3 sets). I also found that slow negatives are as important as HIT.

If you are in the San Jose, CA area I would train you for free since I hate to see this happen. I would recommend you read more info on training and HIT.

Also, are you doing squats? IMO no one can complain about not gaining if they are not doing squats. Try to get a hold of the book Super Squats and good luck.

Sorry I am located in Houston. I found that while on the HIT system I lost muscle tone.and yes I do do squats lots of them with heavy weight and reps


In my experience, HIT works for a minority of lifters, though it’s impossible to argue with the results of the lifters for whom it does work. Likewise, volume training doesn’t work for everyone, but some lifters grow like weeds on it. One of the reasons this site publishes so many workout routines is that no one style or philosophy of training works for everyone, and there is no person for whom one style or philosophy is the right one at all times.