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King of the Protein Bars

Spanky, glycerine has ~4.32 cals/g, not 5-6, and collagen is protein. Maybe it’s not a protein like whey or milk or egg, but it still has important aminos.

Most of the bars mentioned have soy in them, which I try to avoid at all costs. Also, almost all of them use Calcium Caseinate as their first protein, so you’re definitely getting a good dose of relatively high quality protein. One thing I have noticed is that the combination of dairy and glycerine in the bars causes me to retain a bit of water… not the kind of thing I’d eat a lot of before going to the beach.

My top choice or protein bar (considering that I avoid soy): Met-RX Protein Plus Chocolate Roasted Peanut.

The best tasting one in my opinion is the Chocolate vanilla swirl from Frogurt? Forget the companies name(they make frozen yogurt, popular too). It has soy in it so I don’t eat it hehe.

Can of tuna.

Dystopiate, yeah, you’re right, it’s 4.32 calories/gram, I just couldn’t remember the number off the top of my head. Also, you’re right, callogen is a protein… what I meant to say was that it’s not a very good source of protein. Casein or whey is much better. Thanks for the clarification.

Most of the protein bars I’ve sampled taste like shit. They are hard as bricks and cost too much. Only time I use them are days I have lots of classes or know I will have no access to a George Foreman grill :open_mouth: Anyway, on other boards I’ve seen recipes for homemade protein bars. Just wondering if anyone has tried this and how did they come out?

I want the Biotest expose on fake protein and horse hooves in other bars!

Why is the protein in these bars so bad? I know it may not be pure whey isolate, but is it at least comparable to soy or chicken? And the lo carb bar nonsense is a scam because even if they have 2 grams of carbs, they make up for it in glycerine, so calorically speaking, most are about 40% protein. I beg someone to find ANY protein bar that is 50% protein or more based on protein.

Well, Nick, “as good as soy” is pretty poor, and don’t EVER confuse soy as a rough equivalent of chicken. A lot of the proteins are from animal sources, but stuff as nasty as ligament/collagen proteins, hooves (allegedly–T-mag is the only source I’ve ever seen that accusation, so I’m eager for the report they’ve been preparing for over a year), etc. Rather poor quality when you can buy a can of real tuna for 50 cents, get 20 grams of excellent protein, no fat, no carbs.