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King of the Protein Bars

Let’s finally decide by popular vote which of the protein bars is the best tasting on the market. My vote is Promax Cookies’n’Cream.

…Designer Protein Chocolats & Triplemint

Pure Protein Smores flavor

Oh, ya. You’re on the money with that one. “promax cookies and cream” I wonder how that would be in a mcflurry? (I’m kidding - sorta)

Don’t know how good it is in general compered with others but Myoplex Blueberry and Myoplex lemon Cheesecake are pretty good.

Any flavor from the EAS AdvantEdge Carb Control line: blueberry, lemon cheesecake, or apple cinnamon.

pure protien bluebarry cheese cake

I prefer Twix. After all, most of the protein bars are just glorified candy bars, with more carbs and less usuable protein than indicated on the label. People want to believe they’re better than they are because they’re easy to use.

glad to see this thread! I’ve been hunting for good ones… a couple I found and liked are the Protein Revolution Chocolate Peanut Butter and Chocolate Hazelnut Toffee… their Peanut Butter and Jelly and Apple Cinnamon aren’t too tasty though.

Designer Protein ABSberry and whatever the lemon one is called. They are by far the best protein bars I’ve ever had. 30g protein and only 7g carbs.

Labrada’s Lean Body Blueberry cheesecake

I have heard a lot about protein bars not really containing the protein they claim and often having considerably more sugar than they say. Is there anywhere I can read these studies?

I like Balance bars. And labels are all bullshit. read closely, they all have glycerine in them which acts as a carb but is not defined as a carb by the FDA. easy way to make label claims. and they protein is often junk. but they’re better than twinkies! i guess…

I’d vote for Promax too, But for the Chocolate Caramel Crunch.

whens the grow bar gonna come out?

I agree, most of the bars use glycerine as a “hidden” carn reducing agent, but what is different is that Labrada has started to list exactly how much glycerine is in the bars. Glycerine, with a caloric value of 4.32 kcal/gm is non-insulinogenic and that’s why companies don’t list it as a carb. Anyway, I still like the old MetRx bars, the NitroTech bars and snickers.

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…Nitro Tech bars rock

Jennifer, some protein bars contain callogen (basically ground up hooves). They’re allowed to list this on the nutrition label as protein, when in fact it’s not. Also, most low-carb protein bars contain glycerine. Glycerine is technically not a carbohydrate and (supposedly) doesn’t cause an insulin response, but it does have around 5-6 calories/g. I just eat them when I’m too lazy to cook something or make a shake, or when I need something portable. Otherwise I stay away from the bars.
Designer Protein ChocoLATS bars are pretty tasty, though.

Promax bars taste great because of all the sugar in them [20-28 grams!]. Yes, you are getting a fair amount of protein but I would rather have a pb&j with a glass of milk. SOLID PROTEIN are low sugar/low carbs, but are tough to choke down.

Protein bars are also a poor choice for after workout becouse it takes to long for the body to break it down its better to have a liquid form. The only excuse for Protein bar is i keep them in my office for when its heptic i rather have that than go to many hours without eating!!