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King of the Jungle My Ass!

A crocodile vs. 5 lions vs. a herd of buffalo


8.5 minutes that are better than the entire “Animal Face Off” series from Animal Planet.

“Power in numbers” imo.

Good video, can’t believe the little one survived that tug-of-war.

Nice video! I surprised more herds don’t defend themselves as often (from what I’ve seen on TV anyway).

Humans are the kings of the jungles. And everything else.

Hairless apes rule.


4 against 30. Hell no. They swarmed those lions.

I wish they would have charged the people in the jeep. Sound like a bunch of assholes.

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That is one of the strangest things I’ve ever seen.

lionesses, not lions.

[quote]Mick28 wrote:
Now why would you say that? What did those people say that would cause you to draw that conclusion?[/quote]

Who cares, it still would’ve been sweet. Humans are overrated.

Animal behaviors is what mostly defines who eats who. If it weren’t for that an elephant or some huge ape would beat the shit out of all the others.

Great stuff, the lion-calf tackle was awesome. Could easily be edited down to 3-5 minutes of pure money.