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King of the Adductor Machine


Hey, I just tried repping the stack on the seated adductor machine...
And I can do 286 lbs (130 kg) for 11 reps! Without ever having directly trained them!

(hmmm, from now on I can use this as proof that the best way to tone your adductors are wide stance lifts, for any woman questioning why I'm asking her to do sumo DLs)

Post your stories of totally owning weird and useless gym apparatus!


I wouldn't necessarily be all that impressed with myself for maxing out a machine. Some of them have weight stacks that aren't good for much more than paperweights. I remember maxing out some ab machine my first week in the gym. lol



The cable stacks at my old gym are very different than my new gym. Pulldowns in particular.


Ditto. I'm a weak skinny bastard and I can max almost every piece of equipment I touch (every leg machine I ever touched). The adductor machine I used to use I strapped two extra 45 lb plates on. On the Abductor I'd strap on one extra 45. The stacks on these machines were 240lb. They don't seem to make commercial machines for men who push themselves hard.

Op, I agree that wide squats and sumu dl will develop the adductors but I don't see why women should care. I do like wide squats for building the female form but I don't see whats so great about sumu dl except for those who compete in powerlifting.


I was sarcastic/ironic/auto-ironic with the "king of the adductor machine" part.

I do semi-sumo DLs because it's much easier to keep your back flat than on conventional, they hit the quads at the same time as your hams, and they also work the adductors


Ok, first of all, what the fuck is sumu? Secondish, chicks love awesome adductors. Just this week I was approached by this woman in the gym who commented that I have wonderfully developed adductors, unlike her last boyfriend who had adductors like a sparrow with full blown aids. I got laid and she cooked me the best breakfast next morning. True story.


Lol. Okay, but now I gotta know how exactly a woman A.) Saw your adductors and B.) Got to talking about them.

It's not necessarily a "show" muscle.


Stern, this is how I know you are gay.


1. I'm Eisen, not Stern
2. Hell no, I ain't gay


This thread is in direct contradiction of your supposition.


I also like flowery patterns, combinations of violet and black, and can notice/admit a man is beautiful...

And I'm still not gay.


You didn't comment at all on his avatar, blatantly gay.


Whose avatar are you talking about?


The one with tits in...


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I now understand what you were saying about me commenting.

Neah, I'm just a bit more... shall I say old-school? Cavalier? Proper?

I don't (usually) comment on pictures of porn-stars etc.




yeah i second this, how the hell did she see you´re adductors!

Unless of course you´re one of those dudes who goes to the gym wearing spandex cycling shorts, in which case, well....oh dear!


Hmm... I once wore a pair of shorts that only went half the length of my thigh. When I deadlifted I noticed that when I dipped for the weight, the pants hardly covered my ass...


WHY are you telling this if not ghey??