King of Maintenance

I just watched an old elite fts table talk video with JM Blakely and it was great and just what i needed to hear! It made me realise i am currently the king tof maintanence and im not eating enough.
Im going to paraphrase what he says and pretty much summarise incase one of you also needs to hear it

Point 1 - You maybe eating enough calories to ‘recover’ to give 100% in your next session. But you arn’t eating enough to repair or grow

Point 2 - You maybe eating enough to ‘recover’ and ‘repair’ , but you will never grow. Congratulations, your sir are the king of Maintanence! - LOL

Point 3 - Finally you need to be eating and sleeping enough to ‘recover’ ‘repair’ and ‘grow’!

Point 4 - why worry about putting on 2ibs of fat for the sake of putting on 1ibs of muscle. Its MUCH harder to put on muscle than it loose fat!

Hopefully you needed to read this much like i did today - and if intrested check out the youtube video! Quality!


I totally did this for like 3-4 years and got basically nowhere strength or physique wise. Worst bit is I was chubby the whole time because I was scared to lose weight and get weaker but also scared to eat more in case I got more chubby.

I hear you!

I think some of those ‘scares’ are also due to the fact that untill you get more experience or atleast know your body better, you usually make the mistake of:

bulking - i can eat everythng and everything , instead of being clever with it and gradually increasing calories
cutting - going gung how on the kcal drop, while doing every bit of cardio possible straight from the get go, again instead of being clever with is an gradually dropping kcals

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