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King of Buffed


Has anyone here ever tried Ian Kings programs and or read his Buffed 2 and 3 books?
How would you compare his routines to Poliquins or CT's? At first glance, Kings routines look a little low in volume. I know doing a program and just reading it are two different animals.



I'm a big King fan.
I have done Super Strength, Great guns, awsome abs and limping. All great programs. His programs are generic. Not meaning specific to "your" needs, but generic meaning for general public.

I have not tried many other routine. Or the peeps you mention. Mainly because I have such success with his. I

I have read the GB trilogy. Several times. FANTASTIC. Would also recomend how to write strength training programs, foundations of physical preparation, ask the master, book of muscle etc...


I never made good gains following any of Ian's programs. I'm not saying they are bad programs (many rave about them), but I found that the volume of work was too low and the weights weren't heavy enough until the later stages.

However, the best thing I learned from Ian King was the way he organizes training the body into movement patterns (horizontal pulling/pushing, vertical pulling/pushing, quad dominant, hip dominant, bis/tris, calves and abs). I've used that type of information when putting together my training programs and credit it to a lot of my success in the past few years.


Yeah Nate, that was my first impression of the programs I have seen of Coach King's.
I may give it a try however. I guess it won't hurt to experiment a little.

On the converse though, I have heard that Coach Poliquins routines are a little bit too heavy on volume for a "natural" athlete. I have had good success with them however.



I used a lot of Poliquin's stuff back in the day (96-98), and I made okay progress. Some of his stuff was a bit high in volume, but I figured out later that it wasn't the volume that killed me (Renegade Training had way more volume), but the fact that I was wasting too much time on little stuff (A day for arms/shoulders??? A waste for me.)

I've made better gains hitting the body more often and using upper/lower body splits or full-body routines using many more compound exercises, more sets, less reps and more weight (CW stuff, Westside, full-body workouts with varying rep ranges).