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King Kong


We went and seen it last night. I thought it was great. Very long though, 3 hours 7 minutes. Anyone else see it yet?


Damn.....I'm going to have to bring at least 2 meals.


Saw it last night to, it was realy good, i especialy loved the part with the dinosaurs. It was kinda slow getting into it but once the action started it didnt stop.


I liked it a lot. More like the original but the effects were incredible. Much better then the one that came out in the 80's.

The Dinosaur scene will go down as one of the best chase scenes since bullet.

Slow start but once it gets started it's non stop.


As a Kong fan I can't wait to see it.

BTW, the first remake was released in '76.


Awesome flick. The T. Rex fight scene alone is worth admission.

On the way to my car afterwards, I had an insane urge to smash shit.


My girl and I went to see the sneak preview at midnight on Tuesday. At the end she was crying and a theatre about 200 deep were clapping. Loudly.
By far the best special effects I've ever seen, but way more than just an effects flick.