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King Kong


I got to see it last night at a preview screening.

Simply put, this is one of the greatest movies I have ever seen. All the reviews are correct: 4 stars, 2 thumbs up, A+, whatever the top of the rating scale is.

Go see this film immediately.

(One caveat: it may not be for children. There are a bunch of pretty scary scenes, and the end might be too much for kids.)


The one statement that will actually make me see this movie.


Thanks for the head's up. I want to see it.
What other movies would you give you'r highest rating to? I'd hate to see it and come out like "Can you believe that Harris loved this movie":slight_smile:


Yeah I'm stoked to see this film for sure.

Peter Jackson is the Man right now, perhaps the next Steve Spielberg?


There can be only one.


Rent the video game. Its pretty badass. Its too short to justify a purchase. If you have a Xbox 360 get it for that, ONLY if you have a HDTV. On a standard TV its too dark in some areas.


As far as this type of genre goes, I'd put it as the equal of Jaws or any of the Lord of the Rings films, mostly because I thought LOTR dragged in places, whereas even though Kong is three hours, there is not one boring or unneeded second--and this is coming from a man with a ridiculously short attention span.


Yeah I'm in the same boat as you are dude, I can't sit still through movies to save my ass even if they are really good. Drive's the GF crazy sitting next to me while I figit around.

Thanks for the recommendation btw, I'm stoked to see it.


I don't know if you guys have it, but here in Australia we have "gold class" cinemas. They're like a few bucks more and you get these cool sofa's to sit in, whats more its 18+ only, and they serve booze.

Me and my girl went and saw King Kong in one of these Cinemas - Complete with a fresh cooked pizza half way through the movie, and a couple of beers for me. And I gotta admit it was one of the best movies I've seen in a long time - 3 hours that went by in a flash. Great film.


Speaking of Peter Jackson, I saw an interview on TV here recently and he's lost a ton of weight.

That's right - one metric ton. Comparison pics


King Kong was truly great, I loved it! The T-Rex fight was worth the price of admission for me. Peter Jackson has been kicking ass so far.

And I know I'm not the only one who misted up at the end, you other guys did it too. Admit it!! I haven't choked up like that since T2.

Oh, hey did anyone else catch the Sumatran Rat Monkey reference? Gave me a chuckle. Also, did you recognize who the cook was on the ship?


Sounds like it should be really good. I've always hated the ending of the story though.

And one thing I never understood. They go to this island that's crawling with supposedly extinct dino's but they all go crazy for the giant monkey. WTF?


Damnit, more people should be seeing this movie and posting how great it was.

Two words: Dinosaur avalanche.


The movie was entertaining but it went on too long. In the last hour I kept wanting the movie to end already.


He looked just like a monkey to me. A big hairy monkey. Or a very hairless one that likes precious things.

But did you recognise the younger sailor guy who was dancing with Naomi Watts on the ship? Not his first time out dancing.


Fair enough: I saw this movie and it is awesome, and I'm a fairly harsh critic of movies, as I see 50+ a year in the theater.

The end is definitely sad, although possibly moreso to me than others, because I find animal death far more disturbing. If I had to choose between shooting a dog and some dude, I'd shoot the guy everytime... call me crazy.


My wife and I went and saw it last weekend, holy shit this movie rocks! Loved it! Almost made my eyes sweat at the end, ALMOST! If you haven't seen it, you definitely need to.

Oh yeah, that Dinosavalanche was pretty bad!


The one and only, multi-talented Andy Serkis, of course!

(The guy who motion captured both Kong and Gollum, for those of you who aren't massive, trivia-obsessed geeks.)


Saw this a few days ago, It was def a great movie. I had the big choke up at the end, it's amazing how they were able to put so much emotion into the apes face and eyes.

The t-rex scene ruled I'd like to go over all my favorite parts but some people might not have seen it yet. GO SEE IT NOW!



Because then it would be like Jurrasic Park all over again and who wantes to see that?