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King Kazmaier at 65 yrs Old

“Those 100 lb curls that I’ve been training with, don’t do me much good in the Hercules Hold. I only want to look strong…at 65…I don’t want to be strong.” Quoted for Truth!!!

“As long as I can pull my zipper down with my right hand, I’ll be Ok.” (has a busted up left shoulder) LOL.

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He was an awesome competitor. Loved watching him in the early days of the World’s Strongest comps.

Still, him being who he is, it’s hard to believe being so utterly dominated by Magnus didn’t hurt his ego even a little bit. I would really have liked to see what Magnusson could have done with the regular competitors’ weight. I don’t think anyone expected him to do so well, or they would have announced beforehand that they’d lightened the load a bit.

Unpopular opinion: As awesome and impressive as Kaz was as a competitor, I’m not really a fan of his style of speaking as a commentator/announcer. I feel like he tends to neglect sound information in favor of over-the-top bravado.

You ever have him in a competition? He’s announced for 2 of mine, and it went really well. It definitely is over-the-top, but for the spectators, it adds to the charm and fun of the sport.

But I could also have rose-colored glasses because of all the cool things he said about me, haha.

Per the topic, Kaz is STILL just absolutely nuts. He’s a massive human at age 65.

No, just outside perspective and personal taste. I realize he has a lot of charisma and most people like his style, I just don’t.

Yeah, see if it changes in person. Seems to shift the dynamic a bit.

Would love that. I may make it to one of the future Giants Live shows in England. Royal Albert Hall next year sounds pretty tempting.

I’ve actually always found the opposite to be true. His commentary is incredibly insightful.

He also announced one of my shows, and he did an awesome job. These shows go all day, as I’m sure you know since it sounds like you also compete, and he was fully engaged the entire time. I could hear him in the background on a couple events mentioning cues that were absolutely relevant.

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Meh, one unsanctioned show that was so light in parts you could hardly call it strongman and a couple of powerlifting meets.

My comments were solely based on his TV appearances for WSM and Giants Live shows, I’ve never seen or met him personally. I never questioned he has a wealth of knowledge and insight, but my impression is that during TV appearences, he often chooses a more bombastic style that clearly serves a purpose, but may not be as insightful as he can be and obviously is in other situations. Also, just so I’m not misunderstood, I’m not at all saying he’s a bad announcer or commentator, audiences seem to respond very well to him so there’s no question he’s good at what he does. But nobody can please everyone and from what I’ve seen of him, his approach just isn’t really my cup of tea.

This isn’t to surprising, this kind of event was never great for Kaz. Magnus, on the other hand, is the master of technique and tactics. But the Hercules Hold is really just something that you are either good at or are not good at, I think the actual physics of the persons hand matter as much as anything.