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King Kamali Actually Replied to Me!


I got him on facebook, I didn't think he would actually reply since I asked my question related to being lean and shit while on a bulk back in september, since I told him i gained weight easily. I figured other people might want to know what he said so this was his response:

"You need to train like a power lifter and not a bodybuilder in the off-season. At the same time you must eat clean every two hours no matter what and take two days in the week (Wednesday & Sunday) as your cheat days. This will keep you lean and get you big during your bulk cycle. Also, stop wasting your money on bullshit products and go to my company website and order my product Plazmosis. It's the best pre-workout pump supplement in existence. "


Ok so he replied. Do you plan on following his advice?



Funny how he called everything else bullsh-- when Plazmosis has the word Myomutation in its nutrition facts...

Anyway, it's cool that he answered, and it's decent advice. Basically, you don't have to be crazy strict to make lean gains but don't go overboard on cheat foods.


you were probably not replied to by the actual guy.


Of course he replied, the dude has no fans, you made his day :slightly_smiling:



Hey bro, been meaning to ask this question a day ago but since we use troll threads to talk personal business - why the black out of the face? Your previous avis usually had a arm shot with face. HolyMac Photoshop app? :slightly_smiling:


I guess I'll fix it when the hub is back and running.

I edited it for my MD account and just reused it here, my face is semi-beast mode in the pic so I'll unedit it. haha


naw its him, he posts pics of his progress regularly and has pics of his wife and kid up so yeah. I asked him my question 3 months ago, and i just got a response today. He probably gets alot of questions.


So he gave you some generic information and plugged his site, not sure what the big deal is.


Jesus replied to me once.


"Never contact me again."

Did I guess right?


Or were you referring to stefanogym, Count? :slight_smile:


You ask as if there's a difference.


The big deal is, he said that you should have 2 cheat days a week whereas everyone else on here says you shouldn't have cheat days since your end up messing up your progress, instead you should have a couple of cheat meals throughout the week at the very least.


He sent that exact message to me in a facebook IM.


He is not Jesus. Stefabogym is actually a demo........nevermind.


Well, that's what HE would do, and without sounding like an internet hater, Kamali ain't exactly impressed as a pro. In fact, in his quest to get as huge as he can, most who follow the sport would argue that he's ruined what could have been a decent physique. I'd take things like that into consideration when listening to his advice (also whether you plan on following the exact same 'supplement' schedule as he does).



This also really depends on what he means by "clean".


I also imagine it depends how you define two cheat meals a week. Is that having a couple cheeseburgers or a few slices of pizza and ice cream twice a week--or is it an all you can eat binge twice a week? I don't think the former would be counter productive to even a clean bulk.