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King George vs. King Bush

Great video piece:


What a propaganda piece. Goebbels would be proud.

I dunno, jlesk. Not one of your better finds. I was hoping for something a little more hilariously offbeat and it was just kinda… blah. I mean, if someone is going to do a video seeking to draw comparisons between Bush and King George, at least do something that… oh I dunno… actually shows something relevant.

kuz wrote:
“oh I dunno… actually shows something relevant”

kuz, this is jlesk we are talking about.

I would be shocked and suspicious if he posted something factual.

Didn’t you notice the “relevance?” It was that they share a first name!!!

Follow the logic there. I’ll expound. If someone is elected to a position of power and their name is George, they can be accused of being monarchial and imperialistic.

Can’t you see it?

George III tried to impose his will on a “helpless people.”

George W. Bush is “trying to impose his will on an unwilling people.”

George III forced people to pour out tea in protest.

George W. Bush forced people to kill innocent civilians!!!

George III was king because of his father.

George W. Bush was king because of his father!!!

George III had the extremely facile and experienced Prime Minister, Lord North.

George W. Bush has the extrememly facile and experienced Dick Cheney!!!

It’s all there for you KUZ!!!

Open your eyes to the “truth!!!”


Well, it’s far more entertaining AND to the point as that lame “liberal joke”.

Why are liberals healt to a higher standerd as republicans, by republicans. Don’t you guys have enough confidence and self-esteem?

Yeah, that must be it.

And btw: Goebels would be in favor of Bush. And he would be proud of his propagande machines. Perhaps a bit surprised about how easy some Yanks swallow it.